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Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Posters Sponsored by:

9:55am 43 20 Years of Managing Ontario Petroleum Well Data in Trust
Liz Sutherland, Jordan Clark, Matt Dupont, Maia Somers
9:55am 19 Relationship Between Geologic Variability in a Deltaic Setting and Production Variability in the Dunvegan Formation, Kaybob South Field Area, Alberta, Canada
David Law and Per Kent Pedersen
9:55am 15 Potential of Prony and Phase Decompositions for Reservoir Prediction
Vita V. Kalashnikova, Rune Øverås, Arif Butt and Stéphanie Guidard
9:55am 73 The Study on Physical Properties of Unconventional Reservoir of the Mesozoic In Wangpanshan Area of Ordos Basin
Jinghan Zhong, Qicong Wang, Caineng Zou
9:55am 85/86 It’s About to Get a Lot Less Salty – Comparison of a Fluvial Outcrop to Estuarine Outcrops Using UAV-­Based Outcrop Modelling in the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation
Derek A. Hayes, Eric R. Timmer, Michael J. Ranger, Murray K. Gingras
10:00am 25 Chemostratigraphy and sedimentary provenance analysis for the Jeanne d’Arc and Flemish Pass basins, Grand Banks, East Coast Canada
Marta Barbarano, John Martin, David A. Riley, Ceri Roach, Tim J. Pearce
10:00am 52 Taming the Disposal Cost Dragon
Martin Grygar
10:00am 16 Prony Decomposition for Sealing and Leaking fault analysis
Vita V. Kalashnikova, Arif Butt and Stéphanie Guidard
10:05am 04 Integrating Full Tensor Gravity, Magnetic and Seismic in the Pannonian Basin of Croatia: New Methods and Applications in a Proven Hydrocarbon Basin
Case Caulfield, Colm Murphy, Mihaly Temes, Janos Csizmeg, Vladislava Kukavica and Arso Putnikovic
10:05am 64 Petrophysical and Sequence Stratigraphic Analyses
Taofeek Agboola Ogunfolabo
10:05am 97 Best Practices for CO2 Geologic Storage in the PCOR Partnership Region
Neil Wildgust, Charles D. Gorecki, Scott C. Ayash, Wesley D. Peck, John A. Hamling, James A. Sorensen, Daniel J. Daly, Melanie D. Jensen, Ryan J. Klapperich, Loreal V. Heebink, Lawrence J. Pekot, Edward N. Steadman, John A. Harju
10:10am 61 Evaluation method of vuggy carbonate reservoir constrained by multi-parameters and its application in Mesopotamia Basin
Wu Yiping,Xue Zong’an,Wang Zhaoming
10:10am 67 Presentation Skill to engage your audience - A Behaviour Prospective
Dr. Wael Badawy
10:10am 01 Building 3D Density Models for Exploration
Camille Hebert, Erica Veglio, Bernd Milkereit
10:10am 13 Sonic Velocities & Depth Conversion
Robert Pickering
10:10am 91 Spatial, Temporal and Physical Origin of Matrix-Poor to Matrix-Rich Sandstones on a Deep-Marine Slope, Isaac Formation, Neoproterzoic, Windermere Supergroup, British Columbia, Canada
Curran D. Wearmouth, Bill R.W.C Arnott
10:15am 10 Power of XRF and high-resolution shades of grey profiling in characterizing Duvernay properties
Jean-Yves Chatellier, Amjed Cheema, Jamil Afzal
10:15am 40 Reinventing Your Career
Julia M. McElgunn
10:15am 68 The Art of Engagement
Dr. Wael Badawy
10:15am 58 Ordovician petroleum source rock potential in Hudson Strait Basin
Shunxin Zhang
10:15am 28 Comparative fracture characterization from geological media, Cretaceous Mannville Group, Livingstone Falls, Southwest Alberta
H. Mai, B. Komaromi, P.K Pedersen
10:15am 103 Rocks, Organics, Strength, Relief – Behind the Scenic Banff Formation Outcrops
Yihua Liu, Guanyo Wang, Jianuo Wang, Milovan Fustic, Gerald Osborn
10:20am 46 Energy-stack and Kurtosis: the dynamic duo for microseismic event identification
Atila S. Paes, David W. Eaton
10:20am 31 Geometry of the salt-detached Qiulitage structure (Kuqa fold-and-thrust system, NW China): Evaluating sub-salt reservoir potential through seismic and structural interpretation
Huiwen Xie, Tina Chin, Xu Wang, Esther Izquierdo, Shaoying Huang, Oscar Gratacos
10:20am 94 An Industry Perspective on Induced Seismicity
Scott H. McKean, Jeffrey A. Priest, David W. Eaton, Jordan Philips, Mirko van der Baan
10:20am 82 Injection Well Field Optimization using Analytical Methods
Sheila C. Duchek
10:25am 49 A new second order absorbing boundary layer formulation for anisotropic-elastic wavefeld simulation
Junxiao Li, Kris Innanen, Bing Wang
10:25am 70 Alberta’s Oil Sands Probabilistic Reserves and Resources Evaluation
Anilec C. Fermin, Ysabel C. Nava, Omair Sadiq, and Steve Lyster
10:25am 55 Is the rate of fugitive methane gas migration around Alberta’s energy wells adequately estimated?
Jason M. Abboud, M. Cathryn Ryan
10:25am 88 Exploring in Africa for Oil & Gas in Naturally Fractured Basement Reservoirs
Tako Koning
10:30am 22 Geographic Information Systems For Seismic Line Optimization
Christopher B. Harrison, Philip Sokol, Paul Thacker
10:30am 7 Source Mechanisms of Hydraulic-Fracturing Induced Event Sequences in the Fox Creek Area
Hongliang Zhang, and David W. Eaton
10:30am 34 A novel workflow for predicting TOC in the Utica play
Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Satinder Chopra, Larry Lines
10:30am 79 Diagenesis and Secondary Porosity of the Neogene Sandstones, in the North-Eastern part of Bangladesh: Implications for the Reservoir Characterization of the Bengal Basin
Lubna Yesmin Khondakar and M Badrul Imam


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday Posters Sponsored by:
Tourmaline Oil Corp

9:55am 47 Inversion benefits from untrackable horizon picking
Satinder Chopra, Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Kurt J. Marfurt
9:55am 20 Provenance signals in Upper Cretaceous-Paleogene strata, Alberta Basin, Canada
Samantha Super*, Stephen M. Hubbard, William Matthews, Ranjot S. Brar., Daniel S. Coutts, Sean Horner, Marco Venieri
9:55am 35 Ultra-wide Broadband Seismic Monitoring System Development
Wilson Howe
9:55am 95 The Non-Conforming Sequence Stratigraphic Development of an Ancient Continent Margin Turbidite System, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Western Canada
Bill R.W.C. Arnott and countless student researchers
10:00am 78 Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Petroleum Systems: Where is the Secondary Biogenic Gas?
Kirk G. Osadetz*, Andrew Mort, Lloyd R. Snowdon, Donald C. Lawton, Zhuoheng Chen, Amin Saeedfar
10:00am 17 Estimating ‘Gas Initially in Place’ in the Spirit River Formation, and Relationships to Production and Economics – From Brazeau to Wapiti, Alberta
John J. Hirschmiller, Chad P. Lemke
10:00am 26 Atterberg Limits Testing for Characterization of Quaternary Till Caprock at Borealis Ridge
Rachelle Pinnow
10:00am 53 Seismic Imaging of the Overturned Limb of a Footwall Syncline and its Impact on Exploration in Fold and Thrust Belts.
Andrew C Newson
10:00am 104 A Simple Wavelet-Estimation Approach for Well-Log to Seismic Tying
Yichuan Wang, Wubing Deng, and Igor B. Morozov
10:05am 38 Tight Media Wettability Analysis by High Pressure Spontaneous Imbibition
John J. Sánchez Martínez, Apostolos Kantzas
10:05am 77 Athabasca carbon dioxide storage as gas hydrate: A call for improved current and recent temperature and permafrost data and histories
Kirk G. Osadetz, Mehran Pooladi-Darvish, Jacek A. Majorowicz
10:05am 05 Petrographic and petrophysical comparison of Cardium light oil reservoirs between east and west Pembina Field
Holly A Nicholas, Per Kent Pedersen
10:05am 62 Experimental study of displacement mechanism of foamy oil flow
Jian Wang, Danling Wang, Zhangxin Chen
10:05am 107 Estimating porosity of carbonate rocks by sequential applied neural network based seismic inversion
Dr. Balazs Nemeth
10:10am 02 Inverse reservoir property estimation and artificial neural network-assisted 3D modeling of the Montney Formation, Alberta
Sochi C. Iwuoha, Behrad Rashidi, Per K. Pedersen, Christopher R. Clarkson
10:10am 65 3D Seismic Anelastic Waveform Modelling of Intrinsic and Scattering Attenuation Effects
Dong Shi, Bernd Milkereit
10:10am 71 Understanding Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry
Olateju Azeez Adeniyi
10:15am 59 Late Cretaceous Georgia Basin: remapping a major forearc sedimentary basin on the Pacific margin of British Columbia
Timothy D.J. England
10:15am 29 Vertical Anisotropy of the Lower Jurassic Gordondale Shales (Alberta) and Geomechanical Modeling for Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing
Levon Ourishian, Elena Konstantinovskaya, Nicholas B. Harris
10:15am 101 Impact Craters in Seismic Data: A New Look At Old Structure
Amanda K. Obodovsky
10:15am 92 Sedimentologic and Petrographic Evidence of Flow Confinement in a Passive Continental Margin Slope Channel Complex, Isaac Formation, Windermere Supergroup, British Columbia, Canada
Tyler R. Billington, Bill, R.W.C. Arnott
10:20am 37 A Comparison of Microseismic response and hyduralic fracture monitoring through DAS: A case Study from Montney
Isao Kurosawa, Michael de Groot
10:20am 44 Comparison between least-squares reverse time migration and full-waveform inversion
Lei Yang, Daniel O. Trad and Wenyong Pan
10:20am 89 Permeability of the Montney Formation in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Insights from Different Laboratory Measurements
Xiaojun Cui and Brent Nassichuk
10:20am 98 Assessment of Climate Change in Northern Zagros Forests using Stochastic Weather Generator
Farhad Moloudi,Sonour Shokati
10:20am 84 Core Image Classification using Deep Features
Brendon J. Hall, Sean Gulick, Auriol Rae, David Holmes
10:25am 56 Fracturing GeoChemistry Best Practices with Water Management in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
Eugene S. Dakin
10:25am 50 The convenient formulae of nonhyperbolic moveout
Zhengsheng Yao, Valentina Khatchatrian and Randy Kolesar
10:30am 08 Basement Tectonics and Fault Reactivation in Alberta, Canada
Eneanwan Ekpo, David W. Eaton and Ronald Weir
10:30am 23 Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Mississippian of Southeastern Saskatchewan
Arden Marsh
10:30am 32 Application of CSAMT to oil shale exploration in Tongchuan area of Ordos basin, China
Chunguan Zhang, Bingqiang Yuan, Yuhong Li
10:30am 83 Technical Evaluation of the Carbon/Oxygen logs Run in Blocks V and VI of the Lamar Field in the Maracaibo Lake Basin, Venezuela
Rafael A. Becerra Delmoral


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday Posters Sponsored by:

9:55am 39 Electrofacies classification of Horn River shale by Multi Resolution Graph-based Clustering
Ju hwan Woo, Chul woo Rhee, Jae hwa Jin*
9:55am 41 Evolution and Emerging Techniques of Digital Image Processing, Aid of Aster and ETM+ Data to Target the Minerals and Rock Types of Proterozoic Sedimentary Basin
Nooshin Habibi Babadi, Jeevan L. Narayan
9:55am 51 Multicomponent inverse scattering series internal multiple prediction part I: analysis of input preparation
Jian Sun, Kris Innanen, Daniel Trad, Yu Geng
9:55am 96 Economic Water & Electricity (EWE)
Max Chernetsov
10:00am 30 A Laboratory Acoustic Emission Experiment on Montney Shale
Suzie Jia, Ron Wong, David Eaton
10:00am 18 Utilization of SMTI Approaches to Characterize Fracture Spacing: Significance of Fractal versus Periodic Fracturing in Extending Fracture Networks
Katherine Bosman, Ted Urbancic, Ellie Ardakani, Adam Baig
10:00am 74 SEM Fabric Analyses of the Montney Formation: An Aid to Determination of Reservoir Properties
Ron Spencer, Tom Weedmark, Justin Besplug, Heather Wright, John M. Behr
10:00am 48 Fast waveform inversion: a low-cost solution for the full waveform inversion
Marcelo Guarido, Raul Cova, Sergio J. Romahn, Laurence R. Lines, Robert Ferguson, Kristopher Innanen
10:00am 108 Seismic monitoring with continuous seismic sources
Tyler W. Spackman, Don C. Lawton
10:05am 06 Assessing SAGD Response due to Plastic Deformations
Bo Zhang, Jeffery Boisvert and Rick Chalaturnyk
10:05am 63 Deriving Geotechnical Parameters from Density and Incomplete Seismic Datasets
Yue Du, Dong Shi, Bernd Milkereit
10:05am 42 Investigation of sedimentary and stratigraphy from Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) from Gurpi formation, Ilam area, North West of Iran
Nooshin Habibi Babadi, L. Mahesh Bilwa, P. Madesha
10:05am 90 An Overview of Shale Gas Deposits in Eastern Canada
Ruiqiang Li and Maurice Dusseault
10:10am 03 Seismic Information Entropy: a new attribute for seismic interpretation
Case Caulfield, Josh Curtis
10:10am 72 New Insights about Organic Matter and Petroleum Migration from co-occurence of two organic phases with contrasting properties in Lower Carboniferous Banff Formation
Yihua Liu, Jianuo Wang, Guanyo Wang, Milovan Fustic
10:10am 66 Petrophysical Characterization of a Geothermal Reservoir near Hinton, Alberta
Christopher Noyahr, Nicholas B. Harris, Jonathon C. Banks, Brad Hayes
10:10am 11 Characterizing intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures
Siming (Emma) Lv, Dr. Kris Innanen
10:15am 80 The Influences of Structural Highlands on Channel Stacking and Reservoir Quality, Atlas Member, Saskatchewan
Shanelle R. Bjorndahl, Per K. Pedersen
10:15am 87 What Lies Beyond the Rainbow
Dr. Steven Lynch
10:15am 27 Impacts of hydraulic fracture patterns on production performance of tight oil reservoirs
Yanlong Yu, Zhangxin Chen, Jinze Xu*, Jinghong Hu
10:15am 12 Characterizing intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures, part II
Siming (Emma) Lv, Dr. Kris Innanen
10:15am 60 A redox aqueous geochemistry approach to predict methane occurrence in shallow aquifers in Alberta, Canada
Pauline Humez, Leah Wilson, Michael Nightingale, Bernhard Mayer
10:20am 45 A k-mean characteristic function to improve STA/LTA detection
Jubran Akram*, Daniel Peter, David Eaton
10:20am 36 High Resolution Velocity Attribute for Reservoirs, Lithology and Pore Pressure Prediction
Vita V. Kalashnikova, Rune Øverås, Ivar Meisingset, Daria Krasova, Arif Butt
10:20am 81 Quaternary buried valley characterization on the Canadian Prairies using a Shear Land-streamer
David G. Schieck
10:20am 93 Facies Identification – Using all the Information
John V. Pendrel, Henk J. Schouten
10:25am 69 Can Microseismicity be Used to Define Effective Permeability?
Ted Urbancic, J.M. Thompson, D. Anderson
10:25am 54 Rank-Reduction Filters for 3 and 4 Spatial Dimensions
Alex Falkovskiy
10:25am 57 An Organic Geochemical Investigation of the Paktoa C-60 Oil, Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin
Chunqing Jiang, Zhuoheng Chen, Dale Issler, Kirk Osadetz
10:25am 102 Expliciting what efficient team work should be in geomodeling projects
Thomas Jerome
10:30am 33 Enhanced seismic impact for accurate Pore Pressure Prediction. S.E. Trinidad & Tobago Case
Carmen Ferrebus, Fernando Castillo, Lynn Anderson, Connie McLaren
10:30am 21 Evaporite Sedimentology in South-Central Alberta: Prairie Evaporite and Lotsberg Formations
Elaine L. Lord, Nicholas B. Harris
10:30am 24 Variability of Subsurface Distribution of the Late Jurassic Roseray Formation, Southwestern Saskatchewan
Ebbyan Koshin, Dr. Osman Salad Hersi

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