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Monday, May 13, 2019

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Time Board Abstract
10:00 1 Ghost-rock karstification of Devonian paleotopography at the Hammerstone Quarry site in northeast Alberta
Paul L. Broughton
10:00 21 Study on surface tension and wetting behavior of a novel fluorocarbon surfactant
Hong Li, Pingchuan Dong
10:00 39 Inversion with the Born approximation in a deep learning framework
Zhan Niu, Jian Sun, Daniel O. Trad
10:00 78 Square Root Arithmetical Mean of the Amplitude in multi seismic survey processing merging for AVO and seismic inversion analysis East - Mexico. A case of study
Roberto Rodriguez Sandoval
10:00 56 Drilling & Completion lessons learned in the Duvernay from appraisal to development
Trevor L. Holding
10:00 94 The 3D Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta, Version 2: updating a province‐wide 3D geocellular model to incorporate 30 new model zones
Laurence Jayawardane
10:10 7 Unsupervised machine learning applications for seismic facies classification
Satinder Chopra, Ritesh Kumar Sharma and James Keay
10:10 45 Optimizing Site Locations to Reduce Long-Term Environmental Liabilities
Greg R. Potter
10:10 82 Exploring in Asia for Oil and Gas in Naturally Fractured and Weathered Basement Reservoirs
Tako Koning
10:10 63 How to Not Ruin Your Vibe – Delineating Potential Risk Zones for Seismic Operations in Wetland-Dominated Regions Using Colour-Infrared and LiDAR
Ysabel M. Garcia, Pierce A. Laing, Christopher B. Harrison, Allan R. Chatenay, Paul Thacker
10:10 27 Incorporating Formation Re-Evaluations with Laboratory Rock and Fluid Testing to Achieve Long Lived and Cost-Effective Disposal, Injection and Producing wells.
P.F. DuBois, M. Noorzi, D. Drozd, T. Walker, and F. Yan
10:10 101 Enhancement of the Gas Extraction for Reservoir Identification in a New Mud Logging System
Daniela Marum; Maria Diná Afonso
10:20 71 & 72 Moving beyond 'salt thickness': a detailed assessment of lithological heterogeneity within salt-bearing evaporite successions in the Elk Point Group of Alberta
Tyler E. Hauck
10:20 33 Looking for SS waves in conventional 3C seismic data
Saul E. Guevara and Daniel Trad
10:20 52 Lower Jurassic Source Rock of the Scotian Margin: Effects of Salt on Maturation and Implications on the Petroleum System
Wong, Juan, C.; Hu, Xin Yue; Silva, Ricardo, L. and Wach, Grant, D.
10:20 13 Neural Network Models for Predicting the Size and Horizontal Location of Shale Barrier Using Reservoir Parameters and SAGD Production Data
Min Kim, Hyundon Shin*, and Hyun Suk Lee
10:20 87 Detrital zircon U-Pb ages: evidence for Variscan sediment provenance in the Grand Banks, offshore Newfoundland
Brenton J. Fairey, Marta Barbarano, David A. Riley, Tim J. Pearce
10:20 107 Possible Alteration of Mineral Wettability due to Interaction with Reservoir and Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
A. Younis, H. Yarveicy, C.R. Clarkson, C. DeBuhr, H.J. Deglint, A. Ghanizadeh
2:45 4 Acoustic Emissions of Hydraulic Fracturing Laboratory Experiment on Montney Shale
Suzie Jia, Ron Wong, and David Eaton
2:45 24 Evaluation of hydration expansion and plugging performance of micro-nano water plugging agent
Yun Zhou, Pingchuan Dong
2:45 42 Shear-wave studies of the near-surface at the CaMI Field Research Station in Newell County, Alberta
J. Helen Isaac, Don C. Lawton and Malcolm B. Bertram
2:45 79 The AER Play Workbook– Aligning Geoscience and Engineering Analyses for Regulatory Delivery and Public Reserves Reporting
Courtney Whibbs, Erin Wadsworth, et. al.
2:45 59 Characterization and Distribution of Lithofacies of the East Duvernay Shale Basin near Elnora/Twining, Alberta Through Core and Log Analysis
Erin L, Bohlender, Henry G. Portilla, Per K. Pedersen
2:45 104 Tight Oil Play of the Upper Devonian Torquay Formation in Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada
Chao Yang
2:55 66 Optimization of Hydraulic Fracture Design Parameters, Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis with Integration of Unconventional Fracture Modeling (UFM) and Calibrated Production Data, A Montney example
Majid Mohammadpour Faskhoodi
2:55 11 Sand Structures for Offshore Exploration and Logistics in Environmentally Protected Areas
Max Chernetsov
2:55 48 Closing the gap... by codifying what efficient team work should be in geomodeling projects
T. Jerome
2:55 30 The Canol shale basin of NW Canada: New outlook on lithostratigraphy and paleoceanographic control of a Devonian shale-hydrocarbon prospect
Pavel B. Kabanov, Sofie A. Gouwy, Christine Deblonde, Chunqing (Dennis) Jiang, and Mary L. Borrero
2:55 90 Analytic models of distributed acoustic sensing data for straight and helical fibre
Heather K. Hardeman-Vooys, Michael P. Lamoureux
2:55 91 A Comprehensive Study on Mineral Scaling Potential during Water Flooding in an Offshore Oilfield
Mohammad Malieri, Raya Matourian, Mehrdad Soltanzadeh
3:05 36 Impact Craters in Seismic Data: Ongoing Study of Astroblemes and Their Importance to the Oil & Gas Industry
Amanda K. Obodovsky
3:05 16 Early Jurassic Source Potential and Ocean Redox Conditions Inferred from Trace Metal and Organic Geochemistry of the Gordondale Member and Poker Chip Shale, Northeastern BC
Alex Kunert, Brian Kendall, Thomas Moslow, Gerald Nyberg, Bernadette Pedersen, Craig Smith
3:05 75 Evaluation of SCVF and GM measurement approaches to detect fugitive gas migration around energy wells.
Neil A. Fleming, Tiago A. Morais, Celia S. Kennedy, and M. Cathryn Ryan
3:05 98 Case study of proppant selection for a Montney well using discrete element simulations
Wenbo Zheng, Dwayne Tannant

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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Time Board Abstract
10:00 2 Salt tectonism and ichnozones of the Cretaceous McMurray Formation channel system
Paul L. Broughton
10:00 37 Sub Bottom Profiling Chirp Signal Processing
10:00 55 Detailed sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Duvernay Formation in the Kaybob area, Alberta
Daniel J. Shaw, Nicholas B. Harris
10:00 19 High GR readings (hot-shale and hot-mud) in McMurray Formation - characterization and origin
Raza A. Siddiqui, Milovan Fustic, Rajeev S. Nair and Tim Hartel
10:00 73 High resolution analysis of the depositional processes, environment, cyclicity and source of sediment of the Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale, New Mexico
Rachel Alyse Nelson
10:00 96 Anisotropic velocity model calibration with controlled complexity – A microseismic monitoring case study
Junwei Huang, Philip J. Usher
10:10 8 Time Lapse Seismic at the Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project
Stephen Harvey, Simon O’Brien, Anne Halladay, Vicente Oropeza Bacci
10:10 25 Analyzing the Decision-making Process of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
Jieyu Zhang and Mirko van der Baan
10:10 43 Decadal trends in precipitation and flow in an unregulated eastern slope river
Yixuan Zhou, Jennifer He, M. Cathryn Ryan
10:10 61 Vertically Stacked Meander-belt Deposits of the McMurray Formation and Implications for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage
Jordan Curkan, Siavash Nejadi, Paul Durkin, Stephen M. Hubbard
10:10 81 Building a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework using Chemostratigraphy: An Example from the Devonian Canol Formation, Northwest Territories
Maya T. LaGrange, Brette S. Harris, Murray K. Gingras
10:10 99 Integration of Multi-Discipline Data-sets for Completions and Development Optimization
Andrei Popescu, Igor Kuvaev, Igor Uvarov
10:20 31 NMR Facies Definition for Carbonate Rocks Using Core/log and Pore-Scale Measurements
Alireza Mardani, Reza Rezaee, and Ashkan A Eskandar
10:20 49 & 50 McMurray Formation Bedding Scale Heterogeneity Model Templates and Directional Permeability Distributions
Cindy Xintian Luo & Renjun Wen
10:20 14 Using Deep Learning Approaches to Determine and Map the Spatial Extent of Core Trays
Shervin Gholam Azad, Vincent Dube Bourgeois
10:20 67 Sedimentologic properties of the oil-producing Late Cretaceous fluvio-deltaic Fuyu reservoirs of the Quantou Formation, Songliao Basin, Anda Sag, NE China
Zhang, Jingjun Osman Salad Hersi, Han jiangbo
10:20 86 A Tephrostartigraphic and Teprhochronologic Approach of Understanding Subsurface Architecture. An Example from Permian Fort Cooper Coal Measures, Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia.
Syeda Areeba, Ayaz; Joan, Esterle
10:20 108 A Machine Learning Approach for Viscoelastic Fluid Substitution in Oil Sands
Ahmad Javanbakhti
2:45 22 Stress-dependant Permeability Variation of Tight Sandstone
Hailong Cong and Hong Li
2:45 40 Evaluating of Amplitude-Versus-Offset (AVO) response of Lamshiwal Formation of Kabirwala Block, Punjab Platform, Central Indus Basin Pakistan
Hamza Khan
2:45 5 High-Resolution X-Ray Fluorescence and Mechanical Hardness: Building a Mineralogical Model, an example from the Montney Formation
Cameron Tse
2:45 64 Unsupervised and Self-adaptive Algorithm for Particle Size Distribution Clustering
Hossein Izadi, Vahidoddin Fattahpour, Morteza Roostaei, Mahdi Mahmoudi, Noel Devere-Bennett
2:45 84 Defining a Geo-model of the South Swan Hills Reef Complex for Geothermal Use, Swan Hills, Alberta
Christopher Noyahr, John A. Weissenberger, Nicholas B. Harris, Jonathan C. Banks
2:45 102 The Operational Efficiency of ISSN in Western Canada
Paul Thacker and Allan Châtenay
2:55 54 Refining Depositional Environment Interpretation using Ichnofacies and their Potential Impact on Enhanced Reservoir Properties: a case study of Baiyinchagan Sag, Erlian Basin, China
Shengyu Li*, Jingchun Tian, Milovan Fustic, Dongdong Yang
2:55 46 Molecular Composition and Isotope Mapping of Natural Gas in NEBC
Curtis Evans and Michael J. Whiticar
2:55 69 Application of Chemical and Stable Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Compositions to aid Operators in Determining the Source of Leaking Thermogenic Natural Gas in Surface Casing Vents (SCVF) or Soils Outside Casing (AGM) in Area Base Closures
Bryan J. Szatkowski
2:55 89 Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphic Analyses to Delineate the Hydrocarbon Potential of Olawah Field, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria
Taofeek Agboola Ogunfolabo
2:55 105 Ultra-High-Density 3D Seismic in the Oil Sands with Near Zero Environmental Footprint
Allan Châtenay and Paul Thacker
2:55 10 Implications of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment on Petroleum Reservoirs in the Grand Banks of Newfoundland
Malcolm DJ MacDougall, Alexander Braun, Georgia Fotopoulos
3:05 34 Cataloguing of Structures Formed in Multi-Tectonic Episodes of Indian Plate: A Model from Southern Sindh Monocline (SSM), Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
Sarfraz Hussain Solangi, Shabeer Ahmed, Muhammad Akram Qureshi, Mohammad Shahid, Uzair Hamid Awan
3:05 17 Hydrogeochemical Analysis of Lithium Isotopes in the Williston Basin
Zachary L. Maurer, Benjamin J. Rostron, Osman Salad Hersi, Tsilavo Raharimahefa
3:05 58 Induced seismicity and hydraulic fracturing insights from a fracture survey of an analogous Duvernay outcrop
Scott Harold McKean, Simon Poirier, Jeffrey A Priest, Per Kent Pedersen, Henry Galvis-Portilla; Marco Venieri, and Samantha Mackie
3:05 76 Transitioning to High Density Vibroseis Seismic Acquisition: A Case Study
Andrea Crook, Rob McGrory, Nathan Baker, & Adam Westlake
3:05 93 High-Resolution UAV Magnetometry Surveys for Localizing Legacy/Abandoned Wells
Callum A. Walter, A. Braun, and G. Fotopoulos

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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Time Board Abstract
10:00 3 Looking at the Cardium Formation from Top to Bottom – Understanding the Self-Sourcing Nature of the Cardium and the Implications of this to Resource Estimates and Recovery Factors
Robert Day, Carolyn Currie
10:00 74 Picking the bedrock top in the Fort McMurray/Muskeg Mountain Region
Daniel Utting, Laurence Andriashek, Steve Pawley
10:00 20 Study on well spacing optimization in tight sandstone gas reservoir
Xiaoxu Feng, Xinwei Liao, Zhiyu Liu
10:00 57 The interaction between cm- and m-scale heterogeneity of the Duvernay Formation based on an outcrop case study: implications for 3-D reservoir modeling
Samantha Mackie, Marco Venieri, Scott McKean, Henry Galvis Portilla, Simon Poirier, Per Kent Pedersen
10:00 38 Comparison between time domain and frequency domain least-squares reverse time migration
Lei Yang and Daniel O. Trad
10:00 92 Data Integration, Modeling, and Up-scaling with Adaptive Grid Block Size
Leon Fedenczuk
10:10 9 Seismogenic polygonal fault system generation
Andy St-Onge
10:10 26 “Factory Geosteering”. Challenges and solutions.
Sergey Lebedev
10:10 44 Subsurface migration, environmental impacts, and fate of fugitive gas from energy resource development: a controlled natural gas release experiment in NE British Columbia
Bethany Ladd, Aaron G. Cahill, Jessie Chao, Julia Soares, Cara Manning, Chitra Chopra, Niko Finke, Tim Cary, Iain Hawthorne, Andrew Black, K. Ulrich Mayer, Sean Crowe, Rachel Lauer, Bernhard Mayer, Laurie Welch, Roger Beckie
10:10 80 Facies-controlled dolomitization of the Lower Cretaceous Qamchuqa Formation, Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq
Ala A. Ghafur, Salad Hersi,O., Varoujan K. Sissakian, Hassan O. Omer, Hawkar A. Abdulhaq
10:10 62 Toward the use of deep learning and high-resolution digital elevation models for extracting geological landforms: an example for eskers
Daniel Pilon*, Mathieu Turgeon-Pelchat, Charles Papasodoro, Yves Moisan, Pierre Gravel
10:10 97 Unmixing Mixed Signals in Ancient Fluvial Deposits: Implications for Paleogeographic Reconstructions and Sedimentary Provenance Sampling Strategies.
Curtis Ferron, Janok Bhattacharya, William Matthews
10:20 85 Stratigraphy, Depositional Setting, and Reservoir Quality of the Logan Canyon Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia
Trevor B. Kelly, Grant D. Wach
10:20 51 1D and 2D Petroleum System Modelling of Potential Lower Jurassic Source Rock on Scotian Margin
Xinyue, Hu; C, Wong; R, Silva; G, Wach
10:20 15 Earth's planetary evolution and the extinction of the dinosaurs
Christopher J. Irvine
10:20 32 High Pressure Situations: Understanding Reservoir Compartmentalization in the Sable Subbasin
Wach, Grant, D; Skinner, Carla, H.
10:20 68 Glossifungites-Demarcated Stratigraphic Surfaces: Landward Limits of the Omission Suite Paradigm
Michael R. King, Scott Botterill, Murray Gingras, James A. MacEachern
10:20 103 Investigating the role of crestal faulting on hydrocarbon trapping in rollover structures of the Sable Subbasin, Offshore Nova Scotia - Insights from the Migrant Structure
Kenneth T. Martyns-Yellowe, Grant D. Wach, Frank W. Richards, Neil Watson
2:45 23 Study of the flow law of the reservoir rock based on lattice Boltamann method
Hong Li, Pingchuan Dong, Zisen Wu
2:45 41 An implicitly weighted least squares algorithm for time domain Radon transform
Zhengsheng Yao, Valentina Khatchatrian and Randy Kolesar
2:45 6 Devonian Shale Basin Characterization in the Central Northwest Territories – Results of Outcrop and Well Sampling
Viktor Terlaky, Kathryn M. Fiess, Jonathan Rocheleau
2:45 60 The Eastern Flank: Predicting the Architecture of the McMurray Formation Beyond its Subcrop Edge
Thomas R. Jean and Shahin E. Dashtgard
2:45 95 Fusion of multi-physics data with machine learning independent component analysis (ICA) improves detection of geological features
Hassan H. Hassan and Serguei Goussev
2:55 12 Controls on CO2 Partial Pressure in Petroleum Reservoirs during Burial Diagenesis
Peng Lu, Guanru Zhang and Chen Zhu
2:55 65 Optimization of Hydraulic Fracture Design Parameters, Using Unconventional Fracture Modeling (UFM) Approach, A Montney Example
Majid Mohammadpour Faskhoodi
2:55 29 Pump Up (or Down) the Volume with Color Infrared Imagery and Surface Consistent Scaling
Christopher B. Harrison, Paul Thacker, Allan Chatenay
2:55 100 Advanced Algorithms for Quantification of Mineralogical Composition from Elemental Composition (XRF) Data: Examples from the Montney, Duvernay and Bakken Formations (Canada)
Z. Yang, C.P. Vocke, C.R. Clarkson, A. Younis, A. Vahedian, H.J. Deglint, C. DeBuhr, A. Ghanizadeh
3:05 35 Adequate QC steps and their impact on reservoir characterization analysis
Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Satinder Chopra and Larry Lines
3:05 53 and 54 Interstratification of Deltaic and Bay Sedimentation in a Marginal-Marine, Wave-Influenced Coastline: The Glauconite Formation, Alberta, Canada
Scott E. Botterill, William Clark, M. Ryan King, and Murray K. Gingras
3:05 18 Triggers for Organic Matter Accumulation in the Middle and Upper Devonian Horn River Shale, Canada, Identified from Microsampling of Drill Cores
Haolin Zhou, Nicholas B. Harris, Jilu Feng
3:05 70 Seismic and Lithological Characterization and Source Rock Potential of the Aptian Naskapi Shale Member, Logan Canyon Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia
Anne C. Hargreaves, F.W. Richards, Ricardo Silva, and Grant Wach
3:05 106 A deep learning perspective of the forward and inverse problems in exploration geophysics
Jian Sun, Zhan Niu, Kristopher Innanen, Junxiao Li, Daniel Trad

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