2010 Posters

Author(s)Abstract Title
Abdkahar, Aisyah*; Eirik Krostad, Andrey Bekker Pb-Pb Isotope Composition of the Flin Flon Paleosols: Implications for Oxidative Weathering at ~1.85 Ga
Ahmed, Newaz Khalis Sedimentation Processes of the Meghna Estuary: Possible Modern Analog of the Middle McMurray Open Estuary Sedimentary Systems
Ainsworth, Heather*; Kris Vasudevan, Frederick Cook Mapping the Subsurface Geometry of the Moyie Anticline, Southeastern British Columbia: Implications for Mineral Exploration
Al-Jasser, Abdulaziz*; Saad Mogren Geophysical and Environmental Evaluation of Wadi Hanifah – Saudi Arabia
Alemie, Wubshet*; Mauricio Sacchi Stable High-Resolution Three-Term AVO Inversion
Amrhar, Mostafa Close Link Between Sedimentary Facies, Folds and Fracture Zone Distribution in the Atlantic High-Atlas (Morocco): Flows Properties in the Folded and Fractured Zones
Anagaw, Amsalu*; Mauricio Sacchi Edge-Preserving Seismic Imaging using the Total Variation Method
Androsova, Kseniya*; Alan Hildebrand A New Primitive Achondrite from Northwest Africa
Anerson, Kaylee*; Benoit Beauchamp The Origin and Ecology of Late Paleozoic Palaeoaplysina in Arctic Canada: An Aberrant Ancestral Coralline Algae (?) that Grew at a Time of High Atmospheric CO2
Angiel, Piotr*; Guy Plint Facies Changes and Stratal Geometry in the Upper Albian Hasler, Goodrich and Cruiser Formations, NE British Columbia
Angulo, Solange*; Luis Buatois Facies Distribution and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of the Upper Devonian – Lower Mississippian Bakken Formation of Subsurface Southeastern Saskatchewan: Integrating Sedimentologic and Ichnologic Data
Annesley, Irvine*; Steven Creighton, Julien Mercadier, Tom Bonli, Christine Austman Composition and U-Th-Pb Chemical Ages of Uranium and Thorium Mineralization at Fraser Lakes, northern Saskatchewan, Canada
Archibald, Bruce*; Rolf Mathewes, David Greenwood, Robin Y. Smith. James Basinger Lagerstätten of the Okanagan Highlands (British Columbia and Washington): Emergent Communities in Early Eocene Climates
Austman, Christine; Kevin Ansdell*, Irvine Annesley Petrography and Geochemistry of Granitic Pegmatite- and Leucogranite-hosted Uranium & Thorium Mineralization: Fraser Lakes Zone B, northern Saskatchewan, Canada
Ayranci, Korhan*; Erdal Kosun, Shahin Dastgard Depositional Facies and Three-Dimensional Architecture of the Goynuk Braid Delta, Gulf of Antalya, SW Turkey
Bachiu, Timothy Identifying Sources of Cl- to Inland Streams of southwestern Nova Scotia using Chlorine Stable Isotopes
Bacque, David*; Keith D'arcy, Dave Issler, Michael McDonough, Bernard Guest Low temperature Thermochronology from the Miette and Athabasca River Valleys, Rocky Mts., Alberta
Bahremandi, Mehdi Using Vp/Vs Ratio to Predict Fluid Type In Oil Reservoirs: Case Study from an Oil Field, Southwest of Iran
Baig, Adam*; Ted Urbancic Magnitude Assessment and Effective Interpretation of Microseismicity
Ball, Kimberly Palynostratigraphy of Campanian Strata, Bonnet Plume Basin, Yukon Territory
Bancroft, John Estimating the Sensitivity and Improving the Accuracy of the Velocity when Locating a Microseismic Event
Bancroft, John Sensitivity Analysis of Receiver Clock-times when Locating Microseismic Events
Baniak, Greg*; Murray Gingras, George Pemberton, Beverly Burns Facies Characteristics and Depositional Models for Highly Bioturbated Siliclastic Strata: an example from the Upper Jurassic Ula Formation, Norwegian North Sea
Barr, Sandra*; Mark Cooper, Kathryn Albright Late Cenozoic Alkalic Basalt and Gabbro in the Subsurface in the Phetchabun Basin, Thailand: Implications for the Southeast Asian Volcanic Province
Barr, Sandra*; Teodoro Palacious, Soren Jensen, Chris White Organic-walled Microfossils from the Terreneuvian Series (lower Cambrian) of Southern New Brunswick, Canada: Implications for the Cambrian time scale
Bauer, Dustin*; Stephen Hubbard, Dale Leckie, Graham Dolby Depositional History of the Creatceous Dina-Cummings Interval: Implications for Reservoir Development, Winter Pool, West-Central Saskatchewan
Bechtel, David*; Matthias Grobe Mapping Saline Aquifers in Alberta in Support of Responsible Pore Space Management
Beech, Martin*; Ian Coulson The Tagish Lake Meteorite: Microstructural Porosity Variations and Implications for Parent Body Identification
Bell, Jeffrey Hydrogeology of the Pas Area of Manitoba
Belonogov, Alexei*; Dave Russum Light Oil Resource Plays in Western Canada
Berenyi, Jason; Arden Marsh*, Ron Leray Preliminary Investigations of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group Coal Deposits in the Hudson Bay Area of Eastern Saskatchewan
Bethune, Kathryn*; Kenneth Ashton, Bernadette Knox Tectonic Evolution of the Beaverlodge Domain, SW Rae Province, Based on Structural, Petrological and Geochronological Study: Implications for the Nature and Extent of Taltson(-Thelon) Orogeny and the Origin of the Snowbird Tectonic Zone
Bishop, Josh Pilot Scale Tracer Study to Investigate the Efficiency of a Drip Irrigation and Tile Drainage System for Salt Remediation
Bleeker, Wouter The Proterozoic Dessert Lake Red Bed Basin, Target For Uranium Exploration – An Update
Bohach, Lisa*; Emily Frampton The Early Boreal Fauna of the Western Interior Seaway
Bonamici, Chloe*; John Valley, Reinhard Kozdon, Takayuki Ushikubo Linking the Intragrain Oxygen Isotope record to the P-T-deformation History of Grenville-age Shear Zones, Adirondack Mountains, New York, USA
Bonar, David*; Mauricio Sacchi, Xin-Gong Li, Hong Cao Time-frequency Analysis Via Deconvolution with Sparsity Constraints
Bongajum, Emmanuel*; Bernd Mildereit, Douglas Schmitt Transmission Imaging: Moving Source Offset VSP (MSOVSP) Case Study
Boulanger, Rachelle*; Guoxiang Chi, Tom Skulski, Sebastien Castonguay Characterization and Evolution of Fluids Associated with the Cu-Au Deposit of the Ming Mine, Rambler Area, northeast Newfoundland, Canada
Bruce, Loryn*; Maya Kopylova, Micaela Longo, John Ryder, Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya Cathodoluminescence of Diamonds in Metamorphic Rocks
Buckley, Robin*; Jessica Krawetz, Guy Plint Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Peace River Formation: Abrupt Facies Changes Across a Flexural Depocentre
Burdelnaya, Nadezhda*; Dmitri Bushnev Upper Jurassic Oil Shales from European North of Russia
Burt, Abigail*; Andy Bajc, Elizabeth Priebe, Desmond Rainsford Three-Dimensional Geologic Modeling for Groundwater Applications in Ontario
Bushnev, Dmitri The Kerogen Composition of the Upper Devonian Domanik Carbonaceous Deposit of the Timan-Pechora Basin
Butterfield, Nicholas*; Maria Velez A Burgess Shale-type Micro-Lagerstätte from Subsurface of SW Saskatchewan
Cairns, Scott*; John Ketchum The Northwest Territories Geoscience Office – Framework Geoscience Data for a Developing Territory
Campbell, Eowyn*; Gerald Osborn River Channel Movement and Boundary Law in Alberta
Cary, Peter*; Changjun Zhang Optimizing Converted-Wave Prestack Time Migration
Castillo, Fernando Seismic Attributes for 3-D Fracture Interpretation
Chakhmouradian, Anton; Chris Couëslan*, Ekaterina Reguir, Atilla Deméy A New Locality of Postorogenic Carbonatites and Carbonatite-hosted Rare-earth Mineralization at Paint Lake, Superior Boundary Zone, Manitoba
Charles, Christopher*; Donald Davis Lead Isotope Investigation of the Tagish Lake Carbonaceous Chondrite
Chau, Yee Ping*; Charles Henderson The Lower Triassic Sulphur Mountain Formation, Mount Crum Section, East-Central British Columbia: Age, Tectonic Implications and Montney Lithofacies Comparisons
Cheng, Peng*; Gary Margrave The Influence of Reflectivity Color on Gabor Deconvolution
Cho, David*; Frederik Horn, David Close Offset Dependent Errors in an Amplitude Preserving Kirchhoff Migration
Choi, Kyungsik The Development of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification in a Tidally Influenced, Fluvially Dominated River, Fraser River, British Columbia
Choi, Kyungsik Tidal and Seasonal Controls on the Morphodynamics of Macrotidal Sukmo Channel in Gyeonggi Bay, West Coast of Korea – Implication to the Architectural Development of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt Marfurt Detecting Stratigraphic Features via Cross-Plotting of Seismic Discontinuity Attributes and Their Volume Visualization
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt Marfurt Using Seismic Attributes to Delineate Fractures
Claprood, Maxime Joint Sonic log – 2D Seismic Analysis to Model the Petro-physical Properties of Aquifers for CO2 storage in the Bécancour area, Québec, Canada
Clarke, Geoffrey Mineral Equilibria at the Eclogite-Granulite Transition
Clinton, Laura*; Victoria Stratton Education Materials and Public Outreach Lead to Better Understanding of the Mining Industry
Close, David*; Simon Stirling, Frederik Horn, David Cho Geophysics and Shale Gas: Examples from Western Canada and Beyond
Collins, Ben Paleontology of the McKay Coal Zone (Foremost Formation) on the Milk River, Pinhorn Ranch, Southeast Alberta
Courage, Dean*; Steven Piercey, David Selby, Dale O’Reilly, Irvine Annesley, Laurence Winter The Koorae Prospect: Geological Setting of Porphyry Style Copper Mineralization in the Topsails Intrusive Suite, West-Central Newfoundland
Craggs, Simon*; David Lentz, Joseph White Polyphase Folding in the Keno Hill Ag-Pb-Zn Mining District, Yukon, Canada
Cuggy, Michael*; Dave Rudkin, Graham Young A New Late Ordovician (Richmondian) Eurypterid from the William Lake Lagerstätte, Manitoba
Dahl, Mark*; John Sutter, Steve Hubbard, Dale Leckie Impact of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification on Oil Sands Reservoir Delineation and Management: An Outcrop Analog from the Late Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Willow Creek, Alberta
Dale, Janis*; Mary-Louise Byrne Sand Dune Rehabilitation Studies in Point Pelee National Park, Ontario Canada
Davis, Laura*; Ross Groom Deep, Accurate Structural Interpretations through Time Domain EM Techniques
Davison, Julia*; Stephen Hubbard, Thomas Hadleri, Dennis Meloche Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous Sandstone in the Mackenzie Corridor, Northwest Territories, Canada
Day, Howard How Well Do We Know the Diamond – Graphite Equilibrium?
Dean, Greg*; Deborah Spratt, Charles Henderson Fracture Analysis of Upper Paleozoic Carbonates: East-Central British Columbia
Dehler, Sonya*; Kim Welford Crustal Structure Beneath Scotian Margin: New Insight from Gravity Modeling
Demchuk, Tania*; David Lefebure, Stephen Rowins, Larry Jones The British Columbia Geological Survey: Serving Society's Mineral Resource Needs
Demski, M.W.*; L.A. Stewart, R.J. Elias, G. A. Young, G.S. Nowlan, E.P. Dobrzanski Hirnantian (Latest Ordovician) Strata in the Heart of the Continent? Intriguing Results from Williston Basin, Manitoba
DesRoches, Aaron*; Karl Butler Streaming Potential Responses during Constant Head Injection Tests in a Fractured Bedrock Aquifer
Dewing, Keith*; Susan reid, Robert Sharp Hydrothermal Dolomitization, Mineralization and Brecciation at the Mississippi-Valley type Zn-Pb Polaris Mine, central Arctic Islands, Nunavut
Dickie, Kate; Charlotte Keen, Graham Williams, Sonya Dehler* A Revised Model for the Evolution of the Labrador Margin
Dogan, Fatih*; Volkan Tuncer, Lei Sha, Julien Lambert Functional Gridding of Geophysical Data for High Resolution Mapping of Local Anomalies
Downton, Jonathan Acquisition requirements for COV Migration and Azimuthal AVO
Duo, Xuefeng*; Heather Schijns, Douglas Schmitt, Suvi Heinonen, Ilmo Kukkonen High Resolution VSP in Outokumpu
Dutrow, Barbara*; D. Thomas Foster, Jr., Carl W. Gable, Bryan Travis Timescales of Contact-Regional Metamorphic Events: Constraints from Heat and Mass-transport Modeling
Eaton, David*; Farshid Forouhideh, Mirko van der Baan Spectral and Near-Field Characteristics of Induced Microseismicity
Eccles, Roy*; Stefanie Simonetti, Richard Cox Garnet Pyroxenite and Granulite Xenoliths from Northeastern Alberta: Evidence of ~1.5 Ga Lower Crust and Mantle in Western Laurentia
Elliott, David Medical Geology
Emmanuel, Dioha The Effects of Environmental Degradation on Human and its Habitat: A Focus on Environmental Pollution
Estrada, Solveig*; Detlef Damaske Paleocene Alkaline Volcanism in the Nares Strait Region Related to Strike-slip Tectonics
Euzen, Tristan Integrated Reservoir Characterization: Key to Unlocking Gas Resources of the Upper Mannville Incised Valley Systems (Lower Cretaceous, West-central Alberta)
Feng, Yonggang*; Iain Samson Title Replacement Processes Involving HFSE Minerals in the T-Zone, Thor Lake Deposit, NWT
Fenton, Mark*; Joan Waters The Surficial Geology Map of Alberta: Progress Report
Finlayson-Bourgue, Danielle*; Gavin Kennedy, Greg Bickerton Investigation into Potential Controls on Uranium Concentration in New Production Wells Intercepting a Triassic Sandstone Aquifer, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Flemming, Roberta L.*; Syed J. Ali Halite Crystallization on Interior Tunnel Walls at The University of Western Ontario
Forgues, Eric*; Estelle Rebel Benefits of Hydrophones for Land Seismic Monitoring
Frank, Mick Coal Distribution in the McKay Coal Zone, Belly River Group, in the Camrose area, Central Alberta
Fyffe, Leslie R.; Kathleen G. Thorne Contributions of Government Geoscience to the Prosperity of New Brunswick
Galloway, Jennifer*; Adam Lenny, Brian Cumming Millennial and Centennial-scale Hydrological Change in the CentralI Interior of BC, Canada: A Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of Holocene Climate from Felker Lake
Giles, Michael*; David Mosher, Grant Wach Mass Transport Deposits on the Southwestern Newfoundland Slope: Eastern Canada
Gipp, Michael*; Dawn Ong, Michael Milner Tectonic and Climatic Controls on Shallow Marine Placer Gold Morphology: Evidence from Coastal Ghana
Glombick, Paul*; B. Hathway, S.Mei, C. Banks, D. Hay Mapping the Belly River Group in Alberta
Gowland, David Geothermal Energy in Canada: Policy and Project Update
Grifi, Meriem*; Patricia Corcoran, Cameron Tsujita Stratigraphy, Petrography, and Evidence of an Upper Ordovician Rocky Shoreline on Heywood Island, Manitoulin Island Area, Ontario
Gulati, Akshay*; Robert J. Ferguson NFFT: Algorithm for Irregular Sampling
Haidl, Fran*; Laura Clinton Communication of Earth Science to Teachers, Students and the General Public at Teacher and Geological Conferences
Haggart, James*; C. Schröder-Adams, S. Kelly, H. Smyth, G. Williams Chronostratigraphic Framework and Environmental Setting of Upper Jurassic-Paleogene Strata: a Multi-national Project to Address Large-scale Integrated Correlations and Paleogeographic Reconstructions of the Canadian Arctic
Hahn, Katherine*; Robert Rainbird Isotopic Composition, Provenance and Regional Correlation of the Upper Hornby Bay Group, NWT and Nunavut
Hamilton, Brett*; David Pattison Thermodynamic Modelling of Open-System Behaviour for Anatectic Metapelites
Hammer, Philip*; Ron Clowes The LITHOPROBE Trans-Canada Lithospheric Cross-Sections: A Plate-Scale View of Continental Assembly
Hansen, Cindy*; James MacEachern, Kerri Bann Depositional Architecture of a Mixed River-Wave Influenced Asymmetric Delta Lobe: Upper Cretaceous Basal Belly River Formation, Central Alberta, Canada
Haque, Shama*; Trevor Tompkins, Alexander Holden, K. Ulrich Mayer, Ania Ulrich, James Barker Evaluation of Trace Element Mobility in a Sandy Aquifer of the Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta
Harvey, Thomas; Nicholas Butterfield* An Arthropod Lagerstätten from the Early Cambrian Mount Cap Formation (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Hassan, Hassan Detecting Shallow Geological Features in High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data of the Horn River Basin Using Second Derivative in the Gradient Direction (SDGD) and PLUS Filters
Hathway, Ben*; Shilong Mei Mapping the Battle Formation in the Subsurface: Late Maastrichtian Paleovalley Systems in West-Central Alberta
Herd, Richard K.*; Brian F. Windley, Peter W. U. Appel Ruby, Pink Sapphire and Rare Mineral Localities in West Greenland
Herd, Richard K.*; Claire Samson, Iain Christie Innovative, Collaborative Research on Specimens from the National Meteorite Collection of Canada
Hiebert, Blake*; Michael Callaghan, Larry Bentley, Ed Cey Study of Salinity and Sodicity Effects on Soil Hydraulic Properties during Remediation
Hong, Jason*; Chris Herd Jarosite Occurrences in the MIL 03346 Nakhlite: Implications for Water on Mars
Huff, G.F. Thematic Mapping of Non-Saline Groundwater Quality in the Major Bedrock Aquifers of the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor
Ibrahim, Mustafa Al* ; David Eaton A Teleseismic Transect across Canada: Shear-Wave Splitting and Receiver Function Analyses
Innanen, Kris A Scattering Diagram Derivation of the Eikonal Approximation
Jackson, Valerie*; Venessa Bennett, Otto van Breeman, Luke Ootes, Wouter Bleeker Geochronology of the South-central Paleoproterozoic Wopmay Orogen, Northwestern Canadian Shield
James, Donald The Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office: Nunavut’s Partnered Geological Survey
Jian, Zaiming*; John Bancroft, Laurence Lines, Kevin Hall Elastic Prestack Reverse-time Migration using a Staggered-grid Finite-Difference Method
Jian, Zaiming*; Kayla Bonham, John Bancroft, Laurence Lines Overcoming Computational Cost Problems of Reverse-Time Migration
Jilinski, Pavel Joint Interpretation of Bathymetric and Gravity Anomaly Maps Using Cross and Dot-Products
Jones, Samantha*; Alan Hildebrand Elastic Wave Velocity, Porosity, and Pore Geometry of Ordinary Chondrites
Kabanov, Pavel Carboniferous Disconformities, Paleosols and Paleolandscapes of the East European Craton
Kabanov, Pavel Moscovian (Pennsylvanian) Cyclothems of Central East European Craton: Stratigraphy, Facies, Paleoecology
Kaplan, Sam*; Mauricio Sacchi Least-squares Shot-profile Wave-Equation Migration
Kaul, Alexander*; Sandra Barr A Petrological Study of REE-enriched Carbonatite Intrusions in the Lofdal Farm area, Namibia
Kaylor, Autumn*; Stephen Laubach, Peter Eichhubl, Andras Fall Timing and Rate of Fracture Opening in Sandstone: Implications for Basin Centered Gas Deposits
Keim, Rae*; Kevin Ansdell, Mary Sanborn-Barrie, Mike Young Field Relationships and Stratigraphy of the Totnes Road Volcanics, Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island
Kennedy, Gavin*; Kevin Garroway, Danielle Finlayson-Bourque Estimation of Regional Groundwater Budgets in Nova Scotia using a Desktop GIS Approach
Khan, Safdar Evaluating Caprock Integrity of a Carbon Storage Site Using 3D Coupled Reservoir Geomechanics Modeling
Knox, Bernadette*; K. Bethune, K. Ashton, M. Williams Age, and Tectonic History of the Murmac Bay Group Psammopelite, Eastern Beaverlodge Domain based on U-Pb SHRIMP and Chemical Monazite Dating
Kodali, Lakshmi Narasimharao Environmental Geochemistry in the Tropics (Fluoride Toxicity and Human Health): A Case report from India
Kohlbecker, Matthew*; Dimitri Vlassopoulos Hydrogeochemical Prospecting for Natural Gas: The Geochemical Chimney, Shallow Groundwater Hydrogeology, and Interpretation of Near-Surface Data
Konstantinovskaya, Elena Preliminary Geological and Geophysical Study of a Potential CO2 Storage Site in Deep Saline Aquifers of the Bécancour Area, St. Lawrence Lowlands, Québec
Koteas, Christopher Migmitization of Fertile Lower Crust Driven by Mafic Magmatism, Athabasca Granulite Terrane, Northern Saskatchewan
Kreimer, Nadia*; Mauricio Sacchi Robust Reconstruction of Irregularly Sampled Geophysical Time Series via a Sparse Spectral Representation
Labbé, Jean-Yves*; Michel Ouellet Networking in Geosciences: The Example of the Réseau Quaternaire-Québec for Mapping Surficial Deposits
Labrecque, Phillip*; Stephen Hubbard, Jerry Jensen Cyclic Sedimentation and Three-Dimensional Stratigraphic Architecture in Point Bar Deposits, Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Alberta: Implications for Reservoir Characterization and Heterogeneity Prediction
Lacroix, Sylvain*; Robert Marquis, Jean-Yves Labbé Géologie Québec: A First Québec Mineral Strategy to Guide Future Geoscience Work
Laroque, Marie*; Faycal Lamraoui Groundwater Flow and Transport Parameter Estimation in a 2D Laboratory-Scale Sand Tank Aquifer
Lawfield, Andrew*; Murray Gingras, George Pemberton, Karl Butler Observations on the Ichnology of the Avalon and Ben Nevis Formations, White Rose Field, Newfoundland
Leier, Andrew*; Cassandra Frosini, Geroge Gehrels Detrital Zircon Provenance of Lower Cretaceous Conglomerate Beds in Western Canada and the United States
Lesage, Guillaume*; Jeremy Richards Stable Isotope, Fluid Inclusion, and Geochemical Constraints on Mineralization at the Buritica Gold Deposit, Antioquia Department, Colombia
Levson, Vic Promoting Natural Gas in British Columbia: Activities of the Resource Development and Geoscience Branch
Li, Rong*; Yangquan Jiao, Liqun Wu, Hui Rong, Rui Wang Diagenesis of Oolitic Dolostone in Second Feixianguan Member, Lower Trassic, Yudongzi outcrop, Jiangyou, Sichuan, China
Li, Rong*; Zucheng Li, Mao Mao, Yuanming Pan Single-Crystal EPR and DFT Studies of a Boron-Associated Oxygen Hole Center (BOHC) in Datolite: Implications for Radiation-Induced Defects in Borosilicate Glasses
Li, Shengli Reservoir Modeling Process Controlled by Depositional Microfacies – A Case Study of Xing56 Block in Daqing Oilfield, China
Li, Shengli*; Xinghe Yu A Method on Predicting Fluvial Sandbody of Combining with Integrated well and Seismic Data in Gaotaizi area of Daqing Oilfield, China
Liang, Ting*; Liuping Zhang The Influences of Mantle-derived Fluids on Biomarkers in the Dongying Sag, Eastern China
Lin, Jinru*; Jin-xiao Mi, Yuanming Pan The Lipscombite Enigma: EMPA, Micro-XANES and Single-Crystal X-ray Structure Refinements of Synthetic Crystals
Lin, Zi*; Peter Dillon Dissolved Silica in Boreal Catchments
Liu, Yun (Lucy)*; Mariela Mihilova, Maria Bonaduce, Jun Ran Seismic Attribute Methodologies And Their Application In Deciphering The Subsurface Geology
Liverman, David Communicating Environmental Geoscience- Preliminary Results from a Survey of Environmental Geoscientists
Lowey, Grant Sedimentology and Petroleum Source-rock Potential of Hyperpycnites in the Laberge Group (Jurassic), Whitehorse Trough, Yukon, Canada
Lyster, Steve*; Laurence Andriashek Insights into the Internal Architecture of the Paskapoo Formation
Malyshev, Sergey*; Nataliya Berezhnaya Detrital Zircons from the Lower Mesoproterozoic Sandstones, East Anabar Shield: REE, Th and U Distribution and Provenance Interpretation
Manavalan, Sathyanarayanan* Fractionation of Platinum Group Elements in Chromites from Sittampundi Anorthosite Complex, Southern India
Manning, Peter The Volume Couple as a Source for Micro-Seismic Events
Marcano, Norka*; Steve Larter, Bernhard Mayer Molecular and Isotopic Study of Bitumens from the Alberta Oil Sands
Martinez, Jaime Melendez*; Mauricio Sacchi n-th Root Entropy Functions for Blind Deconvolution
Martins, Tania Li-aluminosilicate Textures in Li-rich Pegmatites from Barroso-Alvão, Northern Portugal
Matveeva, Tanya Sandstone-Hosted Uranium in Southern Alberta
Maurya, Singh Abhayanand*; Shah Miral, Kapoor Uma Preliminary Results from Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopic Investigation of Groundwaters from Gangetic Doab Region, North India
Medig, Kirsti*; Derek Thorkelson The Proterozoic Pinguicula Group: Age, Stratigraphic Contacts, and Correlations
Melton, Greg L.*; John McNeill, D. Graham Pearson, Thomas Stachel Trace element characteristics of diamond and garnet inclusions from Akwatia, Ghana and De Beers Pool, South Africa
Miah, Khalid*; Mauricio Sacchi Full Waveform Inversion of Seismic Data using Scattering Integral (SI) Method
Miles, Brett*; Stephen Hubbard, Ross Kukulski, Keegan Raines, Holly Rose Reservoir Distribution and Architecture of the Monteith Formation (Nikanassin Group), NW Alberta: Insights into Deltaic Reservoir Complexity
Milicevic, Vanja*; Robert Ferguson Numerical Fluid Flow Modelling and Its Seismic Response in Time-Lapse
Mirshahani, Maryam Application of Fluid Inclusion to Recognition of Origin of Coarse-Crystalline Calcite and Dolomite Cements in Permo-Triassic Kangan and Dalan Formations in South Pars Field, Iran
Mirshahani, Maryam*; M.H. Adabi, A. Sadeghi, M. Memariani, M. Bahremandi Application of Fluid Inclusion and Cathodoluminescence to Recognize of Paragenetic Sequence in Jurassic Carbonate: Case Study of Zagros Sedimentary Basin in SW Iran
Mirshahani, Maryam*; Mohamad Hossein Adabi, Mohamadreza Kamali, Mehran Moradpour, Mehdi Bahremandi Determination of Original Mineralogy in Surmeh Formation from SW Iran: Using by O and C isotope and Trace Element Analysis
Misra, Somanath Correction for Spurious Phase Via Nonlinear Optimization- Application in Real Data
Misra, Somanath Multi-attribute Neural Network Analysis for Rock Attribute Prediction in Grosmont Heavy Oil Reservoir- Comparison with Conventional AVO Analysis
Mloszewska, Aleksandra*; Kurt Konhauser Geochemistry of > 3.8 Ga Banded Iron Formations (Isua Supracrustal Belt, Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt): Implications for the Chemistry of Earth's Earliest Oceans
Mogren, Saad*; Manoj Mukhopadhyay, A. Al-Ghadi Central Arabia Salt Basin Inferred by Gravity Modeling
Moreno, Francisco*; Corey Froese Hazard Understanding and Emergency Response Planning at Turtle Mountain, Alberta, Canada
Morgan, A.James*; Corey Froese, Shawn Slattery, Dennis Chao, Tai-Hoon Kim, Derek Martin Urban Geology and Landslide Project, Peace River, Alberta
Morris, Natasha*; Jennifer Owen, Robert Marr, David Ritcey Petrography and Geochemistry of the Nanuk and Tuwawi Kimberlites, Baffin Island, Nunavut
Morshedian, Alireza*; James MacEachern, Shahin Dashtgard Facies Architecture of the Upper Mannville Group (Sparky, Waseca, and McLaren Formations), West-Central Saskatchewan
Moynihan, David*; David Pattison Mid-Cretaceous Barrovian Metamorphism in the Central Kootenay Arc, Southeastern British Columbia
Mvondo, Hubert*; David Lentz, Marc Bardoux Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting of Mafic Meta-igneous Rocks from Hope Bay and Elu Greenstone Belts, NE Slave Craton
Myer, Melanie*; Timm John, Sönke Brandt, Reiner Klemd Application of Zirconium-in-Rutile and Titanium-in-Zircon Geothermometry to UHT Metamorphic Rocks from the Epembe Unit (Epupa Complex, NW Namibia)
Nair, Rajeev*; Thomas Chacko Garnet Stability in Metabasites Inferred from Dehydration Melting Experiments and Implications for Lower Crustal Delamination
Nasreddine, El Fahchouch Ahmed*; Ait brahim Lahsen, Mastere Mohammed Landslide Susceptibility Assessment by Weights of Evidence (WOE) in the BENI AHMED area (RIF, MOROCCO)
Newson, Andrew Geosteering Horizontal Wells into the "Sweet Spot" of Basin Centered Gas Plays
Nieuwenhuis, Greg*; Marthyn Unsworth, Dina Panu, James Craven Three Dimensional Magnetotelluric Imaging of the Precambrian Alberta Basement
Noad, Jon Mangrove Channels: Morphoplogy, Magnitude and Migration
Normand, Charles*; Anthony E. Williams-Jones Origin of Low Molecular Weight Hydrocarbon Gases During Serpentinization: Insights from Fluid Inclusions in Rodingites
Normore, Leone Neoproterozoic Sedimentary Structures of Shallow Marine to Shoreline Sedimentary Rocks: The Avalon Zone, Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada
Omidvar, Hedayat Prospect of Natural Gas Industry in Iran
Ootes, Luke*; William J. Davis, Valerie A. Jackson, Wouter Bleeker Components of the Paleoproterozoic Hottah Terrane in Wopmay Orogen of Northwest Laurentia
Oropeza, Vicente*; Mauricio Sacchi Application of Singular Spectrum Analysis to Ground Roll Attenuation
Otis, Catherine Béland Shale Gas Assessment in Southern Ontario
Oueity, Jounada*; Ron Clowes On the Nature of the Moho: Lithospheric-scale Seismic Refraction and Reflection Modeling in NW Canada
Oviatt, Natasha*; Roger Paulen, Beth McClenaghan, Jennifer Owe Till Geochemistry of the West Iznogoudh Zn Showing, Point Lake Map Sheet (86H), Nunavut
Pana, Dinu Geomapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM): New Teleseismic and Magnetotelluric Arrays in Alberta
Pana, Dinu Precambrian Geology of Northeastern Alberta
Pana, Dinu The Waugh Lake-Tazin River Network of Retrogressive Shear Zones at the Eastern Margin of the Taltson Magmatic Zone
Parent, Adeline*; Michel Malo, Muriel Thibaut 3D Modeling the Gaspé Belt Basin Deformation: Palinspastic Restoration, Kinematics and HC Fluid Flow
Park, Chan_Hee*; Joshua Taron, Uwe-Jens Goerke, Olaf Kolditz The Fluidal Interface is Where the Action is in CO2 Storage
Pawlak, Aganieszka*; David Eaton Crustal Anisotropy of Hudson Bay from Ambient-Noise Tomography
Pawley, Steven*; Nigel Atkinson Application of Airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Imagery for Surficial Geology Mapping in Densely Vegetated (Boreal Zone) Terrain, Lesser Slave Lake, Northern Alberta
Percoits, Ernesto*; Natalie Aubet, Murray Gingras, Kurt Konhauser Ediacaran Banded Iron Formations: the Missing Link in the Biogeochemical Evolution of the Oceans
Petrash, Daniel*; S. Lalonde, E. Pecoits, M. Gingras, K. Konhauser Microbially Catalyzed Cementation of Modern Gypsum-Dominated Microbialites
Piercey, Tiffany Petro DaYzZ: An Interactive Approach to Bringing Petroleum Geoscience to High School Students
Piercey, Tiffany*; Jeremy Hall Neogene Sedimentary History and Tectonic Evolution of the Outer Cilicia Basin, Eastern Mediterranean: a contribution to the TopoEurope VAMP project
Pigage, Lee*; Grant Abbott, Charlie Roots Coal River – New Bedrock Geology Map for Southeast Yukon Highlights Au and Base Metal Potential
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