2018 Technical Program Award Winners

Thank you very much to all of those who presented at GeoConvention 2018; your contributions are certainly appreciated and helped in pushing one of the most successful technical programs we have ever hosted.

Congratulations to the following for being selected as the best of the best as selected through our Mobile Application by the general audience and industry experts:

Best Oral Presentation

Zhang, Jimmy Learnings from FiberOptic Science Pad – ECA Swan Pilot
MacDonald, Geoff; Scott McLeod, Dean Knight The Ostracod Fm. in Alberta’s Deep Basin: applying petroleum system fundamentals to identify an underexplored lacustrine basin
Maxwell, Shawn C.; D. Garrett, P. Mamer and A. Pirayehgar Fault Activation During Multi-Well Completion: Fault Slip to Ground Motion
Murphy, Pippa M.; Marco A. Perez, Andrew S. Iverson Pushing the limits of the Montney at Gold Greek – from seismic to stimulation
- Part 3
Boulet, Marc J. Google your way to maximising geoscientific value

Best Oral Presentation – Honorable Mention

Tomlinson, Alexa M.; Felix Todea, Ben Stephenson, Heidi Pratt Deciphering the subsurface and engineering controls on well performance in the Montney
Galbraith, Jessica M. Communicating the Value in GeoScience – Quantify, Communicate, Improve
Bialowas, Brad; Bogdan Batlai, John Nieto, Graham Janega Managing Induced Seismicity in Canbriam’s Altares Field in the Montney Formation, N.E. British Columbia – an Update
Lappin, Liz Petro-Lithium: The Evolution of Energy in Alberta
Stancliffe, Russell P.W.; Grant Sanden, Yannai Segal, Martin Trobec Mudstones and siltstones: geologically under-utilised sediments in bitumen pay descriptions, with examples from the McMurray and Clearwater Formations

Best Poster

Lynch, Dr. Steven What Lies Beyond the Rainbow

Best Poster – Honorable Mention

Harrison, Christopher B.; Philip Sokol, Paul Thacker Geographic Information Systems For Seismic Line Optimization

Best Student Poster

Becerra Delmoral, Rafael A. Technical Evaluation of the Carbon/Oxygen logs Run in Blocks V and VI of the Lamar Field in the Maracaibo Lake Basin, Venezuela

Best Student Poster – Honorable Mention

Spackman, Tyler W.; Don C. Lawton Seismic monitoring with continuous seismic sources
Hayes, Derek A.; Eric R. Timmer, Michael J. Ranger, Murray K. Gingras It’s About to Get a Lot Less Salty – Comparison of a Fluvial Outcrop to Estuarine Outcrops Using UAV-­Based Outcrop Modelling in the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation

Best Student Oral Presentation

McKean, Scott H.; Jeffrey A. Priest, Dave W. Eaton A geomechanical comparison of the Duvernay and the Montney
Venieri, Marco; Per Kent Pedersen Influence of Sedimentary Facies on Geomechanical Properties in the Duvernay Formation, Fox Creek Area, AB, Canada

Best Student Oral Personation – Honorable Mention

Liu, Yihua; Jianuo Wang, Guanyu Zhang, Milovan Fustic New Insights about Organic Matter and Petroleum Migration from co-occurence of two organic phases with contrasting properties in Lower Carboniferous Banff Formation
Lang, Aaron Kyle Graveyards of Industry – Exploring the effects of a resource-reliant economy on the towns of early Alberta
Vaisblat, Noga; Eric Eslinger, Nick Harris, Rick Chalaturnyk Probabilistic approach to reservoir quality modeling of the Montney Formation in the Pouce Coupe Field

Best Student Geology Oral Presentation

Lord, Elaine L.; Nicholas B. Harris Evaporite Sedimentology in South-Central Alberta: Prairie Evaporite and Lotsberg Formations

Best Student Geology Poster

Li, Ruiqiang; Maurice Dusseault An Overview of Shale Gas Deposits in Eastern Canada