2017 Technical Program Award Winners

Thank you very much to all of those who presented at GeoConvention 2017 - the largest GeoConvention we have ever hosted - your contributions are certainly appreciated.

Congratulations to the following for being selected as the best of the best as selected through our Mobile Application by the general audience and industry experts:

Best Oral Presentation

Strobl, Rudy; Milovan Fustic, Rob Davies A Virtual McMurray Formation Outcrop Tour – An Evolving Tool for Characterizing Oil Sands Reservoirs and Creating Realistic Geomodels
Rivard, B.; M. Speta, J. Feng, H. Corlett, N. Harris Characterization of tight shales from hyperspectral imagery of drill core
Barbarano, Marta; L. Caracciolo, G.V. Hildred, D.A. Riley, T.J. Pearce Geographical and stratigraphical provenance changes in the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada, as revealed by heavy mineral analysis and detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology
Hauck, Tyler E.; Dinu Pǎna Sm-Nd and detrital zircon provenance study of the Upper Devonian Sassenach Formation in the Jasper Basin
Kohlruss, Dan J. Structural and Stratigraphic controls on Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Viking Formation, West-central Saskatchewan

Best Oral Presentation – Honorable Mention

Urbancic, Ted; Ellie Ardakani, Adam Baig Topological Mapping of SMTI Derived Fractures to Identify Percolation
Meyer, Jeremy J.; Simon S. Payne Using seismic inversion to predict geomechanical well behavior: a case study from the Permian Basin
Anderson, Mark SAGD Sand Control: Large Scale Testing Results
Stanton, Aaron; Jeff Deere Considerations for effective rank based noise attenuation
Larson, Glenn; Carmen Dumitrescu Quantitative Interpretation of Time-Lapse Seismic for a SAGD Reservoir at Jackfish, Alberta
St-Onge, Andy Upper Cretaceous faulting within the Great Plains polygonal fault system
Peterson, Fred Inverted Density Estimates – Interpretation Elegance in High Fidelity

Best Poster

Ahmadi, Zohrab; A. Younis, V. Fiorini Stefani, M.G. Adams, A. Iqbal Elemental Analysis of Sedimentary Rocks: Method Development in WD-XRF Analysis and Further Comparison of the Method to hXRF Practices

Best Poster – Honorable Mention

Sternbach, Linda R.; C. A. Sternbach, S. Sejourne, J. McCullough Light Oil Exploration Potential for Devonian-Silurian (Fortin and Chaleurs Groups) Carbonates/Mudstones, Central Gaspe, Quebec, Canada, near the Grande Riviere Transform Fault

Best Student Poster

Janzen, Scott P.; Jinkun Cheng, Mauricio D. Sacchi SSA for multicomponent data

Best Student Poster – Honorable Mention

Nixon, Chris G.; R. Kofman, D.R. Schmitt, S. Gulick, S. Saustrup, J. Morgan Vertical Seismic Profiling of the Chicxulub Impact Basin Peak Ring
Jia, Suzie; David Eaton, Ron Wong New Stress Inversion Method for Microseismic Data
Hebert, Camille; Dong Shi, Bernd Milkereit Finite-difference modelling of the seismic wave attenuation in the Athabasca Basin

Best Student Oral Presentation

Venieri, Marco; Per Kent Pedersen Geologic influence on reservoir productivity in the Cardium Formation, Ferrier Oilfield, west-central Alberta, Canada
Safron, Landon; Mauricio D. Sacchi Least squares Kirchhoff depth migration with anti-aliasing and preconditioning

Best Student Oral Personation – Honorable Mention

Ellison, Dennis; Greg Cameron, Kris Innanen Improved resolution in depth imaging through reflection static corrections derived from model-based moveout
Aitken, Julie A.; Elise Fear, Andrea Protzner Can Geophysical Processing Improve Medical Imaging Applications?

Best Student Geology Oral Presentation

Marion, Kienan P.; Burns A. Cheadle Solving the Second White Specks: Integrating petrophysics and allostratigraphy to find sweet spots

Best Student Geology Poster

McKinnon, Lynsey L.; Ronald J. Spencer, Sytle M. Antao Provenance of the Peace River and Athabasca Oil Sands: Implications from Mineral Assemblages and Detrital Zircon Ages