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Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Posters Sponsored by:

9:30am 1 Prospecting for Viking Oil Resources: Verendrye to Forgan Trend
Leah Wilson, Rick Wierzbicki and Len Stevens
9:30am 49 A hyperspectral analysis of sandstones, siltstones, shales, and mudstones from the Duvernay and Montney Formations: relating quartz, amorphous silica, clay, and carbonates identified on the micrometer scale to TOC and porosity
Michelle C. Tappert, Ralf Tappert and Roland Stalder
9:30am 61 A Better Way to Understand Recoverable Shale Gas in the Horn River Basin, British Columbia, Canada
Zekai Jia and Zhuoheng Chen
9:30am 67 Duplex Wave Migration for 4D Monitoring of SAGD steam chambers – Athabasca Alberta
Art Siewert, Naum Marmalevskyi, Brian Link, Alex Kostyukevych and Ryan Schneider
9:30am 79 Practical regularization approach to simultaneous estimation of seismic source wavelet and reflectivity
Zhengsheng Yao, Valentina Khatchatrian and Randy Kolesar
9:35am 10 Iterative modelling, migration and inversion (IMMI): the role of well calibration in the context of high geological complexity
Sergio Romahn and Kristopher Innanen
9:35am 22 Investigation the role of geochemical characteristics in the magmatic evolution Jebal-e-Barez plutonic complex, SE Iran
Jamal Rasouli* and Loghman Shirzadi
9:35am 28 Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of the ‘Wilrich’, Spirit River Formation, west-central Alberta
Dillon J Newitt and Per K Pedersen
9:35am 40 Elemental Analysis of Sedimentary Rocks: Method Development in WD-XRF Analysis and Further Comparison of the Method to hXRF Practices
Zohrab Ahmadi, Adnan Younis, Vicente Fiorini Stefani, Matthew G. Adams and Amir Iqbal
9:35am 88 Alternative (unconventional) sources of energy from India
Vishavjeet Singh Goraya
9:40am 37 Petrological Controls on Reservoir Performance in Unconventional Light Oil/Gas Plays: Three-Dimensional Insights from Bakken Formation, Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada
Sochi, Chiwuike, Iwuoha and Per, Kent, Pedersen
9:40am 55 Implications for Rodinian tectonics from trace element composition of detrital zircons
Lauren I. Madronich
9:40am 73 The Study on Physical Properties of Unconventional Reservoir of the Mesozoic In Wangpanshan Area of Ordos Basin
Jinghan Zhong, Xiong Lei, Giovanni Grasselli
9:45am 4 Calculation of Focal mechanism for Composite Microseismic Events
Hongliang Zhang and David W. Eaton
9:45am 46 Modified workflows for picking sweet spots in Duvernay Shale
Ritesh Kumar Sharma and Satinder Chopra
9:45am 64 δ13C stratigraphy of the middle and upper units of the Visingsö Group, Sweden
Katherine D Paukert and Carol M Dehler
9:45am 82 Edge-preserving lateral prediction for noise attenuation based on classification
Wenkai Lu
9:50am 13 Improved Rate Decline Prediction Formula Considering the Length of Hydraulic Fractures in a Jilin Field, China
Yanlong Yu, Zhangxin Chen, Jinze Xu* and Jinghong Hu
9:50am 19 Microseismic Response and Geomechanical Principles of Short Interval Re-injection Treatments
Alana H. Kent, David W. Eaton, Shawn C. Maxwell
9:50am 31 Hydrogeological Mapping of Saline Formations in the Fox Creek Area, West-Central Alberta
Jordan Brinsky, Nevenka Nakevska and Amandeep Singh
9:50am 91 Integrated Workflows for Near Surface Electromagnetic Survey Reporting
Chris J. Pooley and Waylon Rank
9:55am 52 Distribution and characterisation of a large-scale McMurray Formation sand fairway, Athabasca Oil Sands Region, Alberta
Harrison K. Martin, Cynthia Hagstrom, Sean Horner, Stephen M Hubbard
9:55am 58 Characterization of Sedimentary Bedforms of Colorado Group Mudstones
Noor H. Jafri
9:55am 70 Preservation of AVO after migration
Oliver Lahr*, Gary Margrave and Kay Yuhong Liu
10:00am 7 New Stress Inversion Method for Microseismic Data
Suzie Jia, David Eaton, and Ron Wong
10:00am 25 Oil Optimizing Recovery in Heterogeneous Reservoir with Mobility Control of Surfactant-Polymer Flooding
Nai Cao, Pingchuan Dong, Xiaoxiao Liu*, Jialiang Xu, Yuhong Su, Xuegong Cao, Henan Zhongyuan and Hongliang Zhang
10:00am 43 Method Improvement on Particle Size Distribution Analysis of Mature Fine Tailings by Laser Diffraction
Zohrab Ahmadi, Adnan Younis, Vicente Fiorini Stefani, and Amir Iqbal
10:00am 85 Exact solutions for reflection coefficients, in 2D
Heather K. Hardeman and Michael P. Lamoureux
10:05am 16 Offset dependent anisotropy analysis in vertically fracture reservoirs: A synthetic study
Sitamai W. Ajiduah*, Gary F. Margrave and Pat F. Daley
10:05am 34 Conformal mapping for RTM from topography
Fernanda Carozzi, Amsalu Y. Anagaw and Mauricio D. Sacchi
10:05am 76 Application of Singular Spectrum Analysis for Ground Roll Attenuation
Alex Falkovskiy
10:05am 94 A Technical and Economic Assessment of Direct Air Capture with Zeolite 13X and Sequestration Systems
Hamid Rahmanifard and Tatyana Plaksina


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday Posters Sponsored by:
Tourmaline Oil Corp

9:30am 23 Testing the Reliability of Moment Tensor Inversion Using Surface and Borehole Monitoring
Thomas S. Eyre and Mirko van der Baan
9:30am 35 Discussion about major and trace Elements behavior with a view to mineralogy in the coal mine Pabdana, East South Central Iran
Loghman Shirzadi and Jamal Rasouli
9:30am 41 Application of Integrated Interpretation, Modeling and Structural Restoration Workflow for an Extensional Basin Interpretation
Raza A. Siddiqui, Fenglin Xia, Robert Chelak and Hanyang Liu
9:30am 53 Assessment of the detectability of localized strong attenuation zones through finite-difference waveform modelling
Hongyuan Zhou, Olga Kovaleva, Sheng Ye, Dong Shi, Qi Zhao and Giovanni Grasselli
9:30am 87 Measurement of Ground Vibration Generated in Limestone Blasting in Edo State Using Rectangular Drilled Pattern
Taiwo M. Edo, Christopher Aigbogun and Aigbe Ogunbor
9:35am 2 Carbon Isotope Analysis of Oil Samples from the Utsira High Area in Norway
Tianxin Jiang
9:35am 14 Estimation of Source-To-Sink Mass Balance by a Fulcrum Approach Using Channel Paleohydrologic Parameters of the Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, Canada
Wen Lin and Janok P.Bhattacharya
9:35am 62 Detailed Facies Analysis and Sequence Stratigraphy of Potential Lacustrine Source Rocks, Greymouth Basin, New Zealand
Mrinmoy Kumar Maitra and Kari N. Bassett
9:35am 74 Geomechanical Characterization of a Montney Equivalent Outcrop
Scott H McKean, Mason MacKay and Dr. Jeffrey Priest
9:35am 80 Palaeodepositional environment of the Bakken shales of Saskatchewan: insights from biomarker study
Titi Aderoju and Stephen Bend
9:40am 11 Integrated Methodology to Reduce Uncertainties in Selection of Frac Zones in Source Rocks
Reda Tawfik
9:40am 29 VSP azimuthal travel time analysis at the Field Research Station near Brooks, AB
Adriana J. Gordon Ferrebus, Don C. Lawton and David W. Eaton
9:40am 47 Probabilistic and Play-Based Approach to Reserves Evaluation for Alberta’s Oil Sands Areas
Ysabel Nava, Tim Mack, Steve Lyster and Fran Hein
9:40am 89 What Causes Well Failure In The Montney?
Morgan A. Kwan
9:45am 20 How Do Seismic Event Sizes Scale in the Microseismic Range?
Megan Zecevic, Sarah Grant, David W. Eaton and Joern Davidsen
9:45am 38 An evaluation of the role of land use in soil erosion using 137Cs inventory and soil organic carbon stock, in a mountainous catchment of western Iran
Loghman Shirzadi*,Jamal Rasouli and Kazem Nosrati
9:45am 56 Potential Health and Environmental Effects of Trace Elements in Karapinar (Turkey) Coals
Neslihan Unal, Selin Hokerek, Orhan Ozcelik, Mehmet Altunsoy
9:45am 90 Unsupervised Pixel Based Change Detection Technique from Color Image
Hassan E. Elhifnawy
9:50am 5 The Reconstruction of Paleo-Environment Albo-Aptian Sediments of the Massive El Hmaima North Tébessa North-Eastern Algeria
Diab Hamida
9:50am 65 Correlating lithologic properties such as porosity and density derived from logs with seismically derived porosity, density and stiffness volumes of a channel reservoir
John R. Fernando
9:50am 71 Geologic influence on reservoir productivity in the Cardium Formation, Ferrier Oilfield, west-central Alberta, Canada
Marco Venieri and Per Kent Pedersen
9:50am 83 Lithologic and biostratigraphic properties of the Paleocene Lockhart Formation, Hazara and Potwar basins, northeast Pakistan: preliminary results
Ahmad Khan, Osman Salad Hersi and Sajjad Ahmed
9:55am 32 A model for porosity evolution in shale reservoirs- an example from the Upper Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Tian Donga, Nicholas B. Harrisa, Julia M. McMillana, Cory E. Twemlowb and Brent R. Nassichukb
9:55am 44 The use Time Domain Electromagnetic for delimiting saline water in a Quaternary deposit
Andres Gonzales Amaya
9:55am 84 Late Paleocene-Middle Eocene Source Rock Potential in the Arctic Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin
Lisa A. Neville, David H. McNeil, Stephen E., Grasby and Hamed Sanei
9:55am 92 Fault Interpretation at a Finer Scale
Dr. Steven Lynch and Katherine Finan
10:00am 17 Petrophysical Characteristics of Post-2000 Significant Discovery Wells in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin
Kezhen Hu, Zhuoheng Chen, and Dale Issler
10:00am 26 Differentiating Between Shear and Tensile Events Using Spectral Parameters
Megan Zecevic and David W. Eaton
10:00am 59 A quantitative model using geophysics logging data to predict gas production in coalbed methane wells: a case study in Shizhuangnan Block, northern China
Xiaohan Wei and Jianmeng Sun
10:00am 77 Research Progress on Nonlinear Flow of Heavy Oil in Porous Media
Xiankang Xin and Yiqiang Li
10:05am 8 Diagenesis of the Permian Ecca Sandstones and Mudstones, in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa: Implications for the Shale Gas Potential of the Karoo Basin
Christopher Baiyegunhi and Kiuwu Liu
10:05am 50 Effect of Beam Skew on Pressurized Pulse Transmission Velocity Measurements in Tilted Transversely Isotropic Media
Wei Li, Xiwei Chen, Changchun Zou and Douglas R. Schmitt
10:05am 68 Disequilibria in the Uranium Decay Series During Weathering of Organic-rich Shale: Implications for Radon Generation
Ron Spencer, Danica Pawson, Heather Wright, Cole Lord and Michael Weiser
10:05am 86 Data analytics – Finding black gold in big data
Yogi W. Schulz


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

9:30am 9 Case Study of ES-SAGD in Oil Sands Reservoirs with Lean Zones
Yanguo Yu, Zhangxin Chen and Jinze Xu
9:30am 15 Chemical composition of biotite as a guide to petrological characteristics in the Jebal-e-Barez plutonic complex, SE Iran
Jamal Rasouli and Loghman Shirzadi
9:30am 27 Theoretical study of new materials based on theophene for Solar Cells
Tayeb.Abram, Lahcen Bejjit, Mohamed Naciri Bennani and Mohammed Bouachrine
9:30am 75 Post- and Pre-Stack Attribute Analysis and Inversion of Teapot Dom 3D Seismic Dataset
Kamal Abo Jnah and Dr. Igor Morozov
9:35am 36 Stable Isotope Laser Spectrometer Comparative Study through Vapor Concentration Manipulation
Madeline Widjaja, Peter Troch and Till Volkmann
9:35am 48 Deformation history in the southern Alberta foreland basin and petroleum system implications
Marian J. Warren and Mark Cooper
9:35am 54 Finite-difference modelling of the seismic wave attenuation in the Athabasca Basin
Camille Hebert, Dong Shi and Bernd Milkereit
9:35am 66 The Clues of Iron in the Border Algerian-Tunisian: Geology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Structural Aspects
Hamida Diab and Abdelmadjid Chouabbi
9:40am 3 Seismic Signal Processing and Image Analysis
9:40am 21 Provenance of the Peace River and Athabasca Oil Sands: Implications from Mineral Assemblages and Detrital Zircon Ages
Lynsey McKinnon and Dr. Ronald Spenced
9:40am 63 Study on the Seismograms for the Athabasca Basin by Visco-elastic Seismic Modeling with Finite-Differences Method
Jinghan, Zhong, Xiong Lei, Bernd Milkereit, Giovanni Grasselli
9:40am 81 A new reference-sample-guided computed-tomographic method for porosity quantification of reservoir sandstones
Jae Hwa Jin, Junho Kim, Jeong-Yil Lee and Young Min Oh
9:45am 12 Performance of SAGD with Nitrogen in Oil Sands Reservoirs
Yanpeng Zhang, Zhangxin Chen and Jinze Xu
9:45am 30 A Synthetic Test of Q Tomography for Multi-Source VSP data
Dong Shi and Bernd Milkereit
9:45am 72 Applications of Deep Learning for Seismic Image Interpretation
Yexin Liu
9:50am 39 Enhancing seismic discontinuity attributes with creative workflows
Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt
9:50am 45 Conventional Trapping in Unconventional Reservoirs; A Bakken Case Study
D.J. Cronkwright and P.K. Pedersen
9:50am 57 Vertical Seismic Profiling of the Chicxulub Impact Basin Peak Ring
Chris G. Nixon, Randy Kofman, Douglas R. Schmitt, Sean Gulick, Steffen Saustrup and Joanna Morgan
9:55am 6 An investigation into the genesis of the Zaccar iron deposit with special reference to its fluid inclusions (MILIANA, AIN DEFLA, ALGERIA)
Chaa Halima, Boutaleb Abdelhak and Hammadi Aziza
9:55am 18 Imaging and statics problems in OBC and the use of RTM
Fernando Cerda and Hassan Khaniani
9:55am 78 Resolving Ambiguity in AVO and AVAz Inversion
Reza Malehmir, Nasser Kazemi and Douglas R. Schmitt
10:00am 33 Description of the Horn River Group shales from two outcrops in the southern Peel Plateau, NWT
Viktor Terlaky, Kathryn M. Fiess and Jonathan Rocheleau
10:00am 51 Lithofacies properties, biostratigraphy, cyclicity and depositional environment of the Margala Hill Limestone, Hazara Basin, Northern Pakistan
Aman Ullah, Osman Salad Hersi and Sajjad Ahmed
10:00am 69 New Fractal Analysis technique aiding fracture geometry imaging
Stepan Sergeevich Lavrinenko
10:00am 93 Photo-Biological Solar Fuels
N.Sivaranjanee and Vishavjeet Singh Goraya
10:05am 24 SSA for multicomponent data
Scott P. Janzen, Jinkun Cheng and Mauricio D. Sacchi
10:05am 42 Gamma Ray Derivative Logs: An Innovative Method to Display Basin Cross-Sections Using Hundreds of Wells
Michael J. Ranger Petroleum Consultant
10:05am 60 The Evolution of Petrophysical Properties During Pyrolysis: Examples from the Montney Formation and Duvernay Formation, Alberta, Canada
Katherine M. Clarke, Christopher R. Clarkson and Hamed Sanei

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