Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts in now closed

On behalf of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) and Canadian Well Logging Society (CWLS), we thank you for your submissions.

If you have an update to your submission please click the link below for our revision submission form.

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GeoConvention is an integrated geoscience-focused annual convention jointly held by the CSPG, CSEG and CWLS. This event provides delegates and attendees the opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals and expand scientific horizons. Over 4000 attendees and 100 exhibitors attend each year. GeoConvention 2017 will continue with diversifying our content in the following areas:

New Topics for 2017

  • Financial markets and long-term strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Review of Underground Storage Operations
  • Global Carbon Management and Utilization
  • Pipelines, transportation and access to market
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Crisis management
  • Greenhouse gas and carbon capture
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Social issues and the regulatory framework
  • Human resources now and tomorrow

Key Geoscience Content

  • 4D and Multicomponent Seismic
  • Applied Rock Properties for Exploration and Seismic Monitoring
  • CREWES Research
  • Diversification of the energy industry
  • Doig/Montney
  • Emerging Environmental Issues (Groundwater and Surface Water Basin Analysis/Sedimentology)
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Environmental Geophysics (water resources)
  • Frontier Basins
  • Geochemistry
  • Geomodeling
  • Geoscience Fundamentals
  • Hydrogeology
  • Induced Seismicity
  • Integrating Geoscience to Optimize Unconventional and Oil Sand Resource Plays
  • International Case Studies
  • Mature Fields
  • Microseismic
  • Oil Sands and Oil Sands Case Studies
  • Optimization of Drilling Operations
  • Optimizing Resource Recovery
  • Organic Geochemistry
  • Petrophysics
  • Pipelines and Transportation
  • Renewable Resources
  • Seismic Acquisition, Attenuation, Attributes, Inversion and Processing
  • Technology for Unconventional Resources
  • The Future - How our Profession is Advancing and Changing
  • Unconventional Geomechanics
  • Water - Source, Use and Disposal
  • Western Canadian Petroleum Systems
  • Wellbore leakage and Gas Migration
  • Workplace Culture and Diversity

CSPG Core conference

Further information about abstract submission for the CSPG Core Conference can be found here. Core Conference abstracts should not be submitted through the GeoConvention Portal.

Commercialism Policy

The intent of GeoConvention 2017 is to provide good quality, high-level technical presentations which are free from commercial influence or bias. GeoConvention 2017 prohibits presentations that constitute promotion and/or advertising. Presentations that deal exclusively with a program, publication or product will not be accepted or tolerated by the participant or selection committee. 

General Guidelines

Extended abstracts are accepted and preferred. Acceptable file fomat(s) are: Microsoft Word Document (*.doc, *.docx) or Adobe PDF Document (*.pdf).

A template has been created to assist you in formatting your abstract submission. Please utilize the template for formatting consistency.

Oral presentations will be 20 minutes in length, followed by a short question and answer period. Presentations must be prepared in a single screen electronic format (PowerPoint).

Poster presentations will be allocated one 4’ x 8’ panels. Each presenter is encouraged to prepare an oral presentation that can be delivered at a scheduled time. Posters will be on display for the full conference and scheduled presentation time(s) will be provided upon approval of abstract(s). Further information on the Posters can be found here.

If you select to present an oral and poster presentation, the organizing committee will work with the schedule to ensure your presentation times do not overlap. If you sign up to present both an oral and poster presentation, please note, you are agreeing to present both the oral (slides) presentation and the poster presentation.


By submitting your abstract you allow GeoConvention to publish and promote your submission through all media formats including USB sticks and archiving. GeoConvention will not own the material and the material will remain the property of the individual submitter. Any questions can be directed to

Submission Deadline

The abstract submission deadline is: December 16, 2016 at 11:59 PM MST.
If your paper cannot be released before January 1st, 2017, please upload your placeholder and we will be in touch to follow up with final submission.

Formatting Instructions

*Please refer to the template for more details on formatting

Presentation title should be capitalized, left justified and bold in 16pt font – Arial

Typing format for author’s names is: first name, middle initial, last name. Typing should be left justified in italics, 10pt font.

Affiliation should be listed, excluding city/state. Typing should be left justified in italics.

Summary, Introduction, Theory and/or Method, Examples, Conclusions, Acknowledgements and References should follow author and affiliation information.

The maximum number of pages allowed is four (4), excluding references.

Please proofread and spell-check materials.

Limit figures to those that reduce or clarify the text. Ensure all figures are in color so as to ensure good quality print reproduction. 

Presentation Acceptance

Notification emails will be sent in early 2017.

Contact Information

Questions regarding abstracts, submissions, or the technical program, should be directed to

Technical Committee

Jason Hendrick, Technical Co-Chair
Adam Fraser, Technical Co-Chair
Mohamed Helmy, Technical Co-Chair

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Conference at a Glance

Exhibit Hall – May 15 – 17
Conference – May 15 – 17
Core Conference – May 18 – 19
Core Meltdown – May 19

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
North and South Buildings
120 8th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta


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