2016 Award Winners

Best Oral Presentation

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage – New Perspectives on Recovery Mechanisms and Production
Rudy Strobl*, David Gray, Craig Flowers, Yong Wang, Sorrel Holmes and Arash Boustani

Improving Seismic Data While Decreasing Costs
Ann O’Byrne*, Andrew Kuran and Greg MacNeil

The Borga Transform and Some Applications in Seismic Data Analysis
Todor Todorov* and Gary F. Margrave

Structure Preserving 6D Interpolation – Theory and Practice
Mark Ng* and Dan Negut

Lithic Mannville: Significant New Oil Opportunities
Leonard Stevens*, Richard Wierzbicki, Dan Potocki, Frank Palmai and Gregg Milne

Best Oral Presentation (Honourable Mention)

Diversity and the Corporate Culture in the Geosciences
Margaret-Ann Armour*

Vent Flow/Gas Migration Data Trends in the Western Provinces
Gerry Boyer*

The Potential for Predicting Production by Characterizing Fluid Flow and Drainage Patterns Using Microseismicity
Ted Urbancic*, Lindsay T. Smith-Goughenr, Adam Baig and Eric von Lunen

Importance of Wavelet Phase for Inversion
Fred Peterson*, Daniel P. Hampson and Brian H. Russell

Full Waveform Inversion with Well Control
Babatunde Arenrin, Gary Margrave* and John Bancroft

Best Poster

Eocene Source Rock Potential in the Arctic Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin
Lisa A. Neville*, Dave H. McNeil, Stephen E. Grasby, Jennifer M. Galloway and Hamed Sanei

Best Poster (Honourable Mention)

Determination of Mineralogy and Reservoir Properties in Bitumen Saturated Core from XRF Analyses
Ron Spencer*, Tom Weedmark and Justin Besplug

Monogenic Phase Congruency: a novel approach to map lineaments from magnetic data over shale gas play of Horn River Basin, NE British Columbia, Canada
Hassan H. Hassan and S.V. (Rao) Yalamanchili*

Student Awards

Best Oral Presentation

Raypath-consistent S-wave Near-surface Corrections in the Presence of Smooth Structures
Raul Cova*, Xiucheng Wei and Kris Innanen

Object-based Inversions for Electrical Resistivity Tomography: An Approach to Better Understand Water Resources
Franklin Koch* and Adam Pidlisecky

Best Oral Presentation (Honourable Mention)

Predicting Heavy Oil Viscosity from Well Logs
Eric Rops* and Laurence Lines

Hydrogeophysical Survey of Groundwater Flow Pathways in an Alpine Headwater Basin
Craig W. Christensen*, Masaki Hayashi, and Laurence R. Bentley

Oil to Source Rock Correlation and Implications for Petroleum System Analysis
Martin Schwangler* and Nicholas B. Harris

Best Poster

Synthetic Modelling of Marine Controlled-source Electromagnetic Data for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Mariella Nalepa*, Seyed Masoud Ansari and Colin G. Farquharson

Best Poster (Honourable Mention)

Effect of Pore Fluid, Lithostatic Stress and Pore Pressure on Elastic Velocities
Colin Brisco* and Mirko van der Baan

CSPG Foundation Baillie Awards

Best Student Geology Oral Presentation

Natural Fracture Networks of the Turonian Second White Specks Formation, Highwood River, Southwestern Alberta
Bram Komaromi* and Dr. Per Kent Pedersen

Best Student Geology Poster Presentation

Contrasting Reservoir Properties for Albian Wilrich and Falher Shoreface Sandstones, Spirit River Formation, West-Central Alberta
Dillon J. Newitt* and Dr. Per Kent Pedersen

* indicates speakers

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