A Special Thank You Message from the GeoConvention General Chairs:

The annual GeoConvention for the oil and gas industry in Canada has come and gone and the General Co-chairs would like to share some thoughts and impressions.  Even though the industry in Canada is experiencing some challenges, this year’s GeoConvention was a great success.  The mood around the convention centre and the exhibit hall was upbeat and positive, and delegate attendance was up, along with exhibitor participation.  This year’s technical program was particularly impressive, with numerous play-specific integrated sessions allowing one to learn about, and keep abreast of, the status and future of the basin.  The Canadian industry is fortunate to have regulatory regimes that require the sharing of a great percentage of data and information in the basin.  This open sharing of information contributes to outstanding opportunities for the transfer of knowledge resulting in the technical strength that GeoConvention fosters.  A great Thank You goes out to all the Session Chairs and presenters, whether oral, poster or core.

This year the organizing committee, in association with industry input and support, was able to try a few new ideas in the technical program.  A one-time-event session, a historical perspective and current status celebrating the centenary of the discovery of the Turner Valley field, was very well attended, and not just by ‘grey hairs’ reminiscing. It was great to see a significant number of young professionals in the audience, gaining perspective on  how and why the industry developed the way it did in Western Canada.  In addition, two sessions were brought forward by the AAPG Student Outreach group.  Entitled ‘On-Belay’,  they related to students and new members of the profession and supporting their growth and development in the industry.

A truly unique session, The Best of 2013 powered by Pecha Kucha, was introduced to curious attendees...  This session featured a selection of the best talks of 2013 presented in a unique format.  Pecha Kucha (pronounced Paw-Chalk-Ahh-Cha) is a presentation style, developed in Japan (Japanese for Chit-Chat), that offers a concise, fast-paced and engaging method of delivery.  Each presenter is allowed 20 slides and each slide is only shown for 20 seconds, for a total time of only 6 minutes, 40 seconds.  The presenters were outstanding at distilling their 25 minute talk from 2013 into this new and fun presentation format - maximum content in minimum time.  The response was so positive that we are recommending the session be repeated in GeoConvention 2015.

This year we were treated to two fabulous keynote luncheon speakers, Ivo Vegter & Amanda Lang.  Both events were very well attended and the speakers’ perspectives,  thoughts and ideas were genuinely appreciated by everyone in attendance.

In spite of challenging fiscal environments, the industry was there to support GeoConvention 2014 and the organizing committee would like to extend their thanks to all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors for helping GeoConvention succeed.  Of course we also need to express our sincere thanks to all the volunteers, without whom, putting on an event of this size and complexity would not be possible. We were fortunate to have the support of approximately 170 volunteers aiding in keeping the conference running smoothly.   But most of all, thanks to all of you for attending and contributing to the success of  GeoConvention 2014.  With your help, it remains one of the most important venues of the year for our professions and industry.

Conference at a Glance

Exhibit Hall – May 12 – 14
Conference – May 12 – 14
Core Conference – May 15 – 16
Core Meltdown – May 16

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
North and South Building
120 8th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta

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